Apple asks for sales ban on Samsung devices

25 May, 2014
Along with the sales ban, Apple is also asking for the full $2.2 billion in damages.

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  • fred

Shame on you apple. In the past, all cellphones had a simple button to answer and they were all the same but there were never patent war for that!

  • AnonD-265010

Iphone you know this . Samsung is the best and that's why you do this

  • android #1

Why iPhone ? You start to lost the battle . and now you try to make more money with this ?

  • Mr R

Anonymous, 25 May 2014Isn't that what a large screen tv is for?But do you spend more time watching TV or looking at your phone? And when you're traveling would you not prefer HD over 640p? Just saying.

  • Pchan

Apple infringe some samsung's patent as well but they got chickened out crying like a chick asking for Obama's help, and they get helped. Now they act like they never infringe any other companies patent and sue everyone else that they claim used their patent?! Pathetic apple, getting ugly n uglier, all they care is their big margin, selling their cheap products very overpriced. This company is so greedyyyy

  • AnonD-209094

AnonD-27969, 26 May 2014When Steve Jobs: Innovation and Creation . . . After Him... moreNo no, Jobs started this, if it was up to him the court situation would be much worse. This is Jobs doing and his legacy, he said it himself that he was willing to go nuclear.

Portraying Jobs as a super nice and friendly genius who only wanted to innovate is as far from the truth as it gets. I bet a billion that the recent Apple-Google agreement would have been impossible if Jobs was still around, more recent revelations has even exposed that he threatened other companies.

  • AnonD-236725

Now apple is acting like a professional begger everywhere , instead of focusing on there innovations. Why dont apple focus on there innovations and improve things hard enough not to file any patent cases ?

  • Anonymous

TEE TEE, 26 May 2014intellectual property is priceless. lot of you out there la... moreIntellectual property is priceless when the intellectual property is actually your idea. If the IP is something you've "shamelessly stolen" then you are merely a patent troll. There are many patent troll companies with huge IP portfolios that never invented anything and constantly companies. Apple is one of them. Stop throwing out the "Intellectual Property" card unless you can name IP that Apple didn't steal.

  • Chupacabra

Apple stole slide-to-unlock from Neonode so they should be thrown out and barred from abusing the court.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 May 2014In your analogy supposedly patents for wheels is the exampl... moreYou do realize that companies are still supposed to pay to use FRAND patents, right? Companies like Apple,say that aren't going to pay a $1 to use them while trying to charge $40 per device for their patents. Samsung was criticized for FRAND abuse because they were seeking bans from Apple being found guilty of infringement. Hey, isn't that what this article is about?


intellectual property is priceless. lot of you out there lack that knowledge. i will add that most of you are those who pirate movies and music

  • AnonD-216319

nothing like seeing two dirty dogs fighting for a bone , can't wait to see who has the better lawyer and "judge" as well as the jury maybe ? hahaahha, it's so difficult to retain justice when there is so much money involved and both companies willing to pay billions just to convict the other and win, it's not about the 2 billion for apple it's more about proving that samsung stole their products , but the truth is that samsung winning or losing cant make much of a difference to consumers , they dont care who stole which they just wanna a mobile , so for me it's a lost cause anyways but as usual "fun" to watch

  • Anonymous

Come on Apple... Where's your sportsmanship?

  • AnonD-200220

man really apple for god sake this is annoying now . invent something instead of only suing . what a worthless company just like the man that invented it

  • AnonD-27969

When Steve Jobs: Innovation and Creation . . .

After Him:Lets Focus on Suing and " Court-ation " . . .

Dear Apple: Don't blame, retain Your Name . . .

  • Anonymous

Hahaha yes apple is begger .Stop begging money and start to work. Your phone cost $199 and begged $1000 and we gave you without knowing truth. You have become so rich today and we have a lot of choices with better features and innovations. So my dear apple ,stop begging and start new innovation. Make better display instead of ordering old lcd to other companies and so on

  • Anthony

Samsung the absolute best !!

  • edward

apple has no other work other then suing companies...

  • AnonD-267245

AnonD-43586, 26 May 2014apple is being ridiculous now. if apple wants to compete wi... moreSo true!

  • tatukon

apple is the Best