Apple asks for sales ban on Samsung devices

25 May, 2014
Along with the sales ban, Apple is also asking for the full $2.2 billion in damages.

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  • Anonymous

Good luck with that Apple. You don't even care about your customer, all you ever want is money..

Dear apple if you are loosing market share then please admit it instead of doing this creepy thing.

  • dlads

Apple do you not realise that this looks like an act of desperation? The vast majority of these so called patents are ones you've stolen from other manufacturers, not to mention the rest of them are like saying "Oh you've made a car, well it's got a wheel the same shape as my car so i'm going to sue you for it :("

Utterly ridiculous accusations which only in america they could be entertained as truth.

My advice, firstly wind your necks in, go and make a phone that doesn't just have an upgrade which involves giving the consumer the ability to ask their phone what bloody day it is (siri) and actually give your consumers something to call a groundbreaking phone, which in all fairness you haven't done since the original Iphone came out, you've lost your way and now you're clutching at straws while your competition is using innovation to bring more to their consumers.

Problem you've got is your policies have bounded your consumers for the whole journey and if you now change a policy like file sharing for example or sideloading, then you will be breaking your promise to all the other consumers that you've told plainly no to for all these years, doesn't inspire any confidence from me and I personally can't see what you can add to your group of devices that would ever merit a switch from myself or anyone else with an IQ of over 100.

  • Anonymous

By now, I hate apple!
Extreme arrogant company, which thinks it own the whole world. Well apple, NOT me!

  • AnonD-71586

Aside the facts that apple devices are outdated before release and way to expensive, seriously i think the iphone 5s should cost at most 300 dollars and it still has no sd slot or can't connect to other stuff through bluetooth and other short comings. Leaving this aside this is another reason i will never buy a crapple products, most greedy bastards i've ever seen,
Oh look your phone is rectungular you infringed our patent. It's like the first person who made a car would sue all other car producers for making 4 wheels cars. From my point of view apple is like a spoiled brat who thinks it deserves everything but actually deserves to go bankrupt.

  • AnonD-134497

Yeah right! Good luck with that Apple. One way you earn money. I really want someone to put a stop to this patent troll once and for all. It's really annoying reading "lawsuits" yet again from Apple.