Apple asks for sales ban on Samsung devices

25 May, 2014
Along with the sales ban, Apple is also asking for the full $2.2 billion in damages.

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  • Anonymous

Tron-09, 26 May 2014If Apple made wheels for your car, that would be scary. Apple... moreWheels would be covered under FRAND rules, because without it a car would not work.

Guess who was found guilty of FRAND abuse? Hint: Not Apple­se-court-rules-samsung-abused-frand-patents-agai­nst-apple

Also in Europe:­ull-blown-investigation-of.html

Ironic no? Super hypocrite fanboys will simply dismiss this for sure.

  • deepak

If apple want to beat Samsung it shouldn't be the law Court it must be the market. Isn't Apple losing buyers pocket by Serving the same model by ages. Stop fooling people by Inferior products. Apple shame on you

  • Illegal Copy King

Anonymous, 26 May 2014Not the most wanted in the world. Check the latest sales figure... moreGiven the number of hates and comments here, I doubt people are tired, not at least the haters :)

This no doubt will push up sales for Samsung who gain pity.. which Samsung have already have in mind this is better for profit then to do R&D.

People did not know this is the same company that copies vacuum cleaners from Dyson.. or totally ignore motorola atrix's fingerprint scanner .. but immediately copied apple's touchID in S5/5S. You can see the targeted copying from the illegal copy king.

Its like a kid.. who copies in an exam .. get caught by teacher .. and go home crying.. hoping to get parent's pity ... REALLY sAD people Fell for it LOL..

  • Myron

Tron-09, 26 May 2014If Apple made wheels for your car, that would be scary. Apple... moreApple, you are just like the actual fruit, glossy when you are brand new, but deteriorate over time....
Also what features u sell in $500, Samsung offers better than those for $250. Stop asking money from Samsung, innovate something new and earn for your self...!!!
BTW I'm saying this though I use an iPhone... LOL...!

  • AnonD-267469

that why i hat apple...

  • M@i20

This taken from the report - "Apple will now try its luck to see if both its demands are met" suggests Apple really doesn’t have a case at all. They are relying exclusively on luck and a bought & paid judge...

  • AnonD-253748

LOL .. APPLE y u act like this, afraid of SAMSUNG ? :3
anyways i

  • AnonD-229974

Apple = Beggar

  • Anonymous

Tron-09, 26 May 2014If Apple made wheels for your car, that would be scary. Apple... moreIn your analogy supposedly patents for wheels is the example.

This would be covered under FRAND law or "standards-essential" patents, without which cars would not be able to function. This is protected under a separate law and cannot be abused by companies.

Ironically, it is Samsung who have attempted to do exactly this, and found guilty in several courts:­-found-guilty-abusing-frand-patents-against-appl­e

Sorry Samsung, you cannot abuse the law and use your wheel patents against Apple when they want to make a car lol.

  • Tron-09

If Apple made wheels for your car, that would be scary.

Apple could say I have a patent for round wheels therefore you are not allowed to make round wheels but square ones.

Apple So stupid, looking back I use to use Apple Computers as they where free from this gripe, now they are just money hogging and rules Beachin...

  • AnonD-43586

apple is being ridiculous now. if apple wants to compete with samsung, then it should stop making their users fool by revising the same features over and over in new products. and quit bitching around apple lol :P

  • Butch

cuzzzzzy, 26 May 2014the guy who invented the fruit (apples) should sue apple, they c... moreLol .. good one !

  • AnonD-212255

Apple has already made Samsung their bitch by winning multiple patent infringement lawsuits, now they just want Samsung to have to do the "walk of shame" home.

Samsung doesn't even have the balls to cut off HW components to Apple. Samsung has got a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome.


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 May 2014What did Apple invent?Apple invent copying so now others can't copy.


got tired of this band and unban

hope a company come and ban both of them, apple is losing markets because of lack of innovations so they want to increase their profits by banning other brands in the us or other countries or make them pay high amount of money.

  • cuzzzzzy

the guy who invented the fruit (apples) should sue apple, they clearly stole a name

  • Anonymous

mrJ, 26 May 2014Yes, hope Apple wins case, show. competition/Industry to Stop Pa... moreWhat did Apple invent?

  • Anonymous

Best fruit company is Blackberry and BOS 10.x, not Apple and their iphoney ios.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 May 2014Apple still generate so much hate :) It still means its the ... moreNot the most wanted in the world. Check the latest sales figures and you'll see that in most markets across the globe that Apple doesn't sell the majority of phones and they continue to lose market share.

People are tired of the lawsuits, lack of innovation and lack of quality...BUT the new pastel UI colors are perfect for a fruit company.

  • Anonymous

Apple realizes the only way to stop losing market share is by filing lawsuits preventing competitors from selling competing products.

Now THAT my friends is called INNOVATION!