Huawei's Android smartphone is the future T-Mobile G3

8 April, 2009
It's true. The Android-powered Huawei phone, which was first shown at the MWC 2009, turns out to be the next T-Mobile Android smartphone, presumably called the G3. Full pack connectivity, compact design and...

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  • ghalib


  • Tone

First of all the phone does not look like that, That's an Iphone pictured there.. I've had it for one day and spent almost 4 hours just trying to figure stuff out....

  • Anonymous

is this from china company..?? if yes..indeed pls do a REAL GOOD job to show the world u can make it the bottom of my heart S'pore Boy

  • BP

Apple was the first to come out with and successfully brand this style of phone to the masses. They've gone as far as to attach "personality" to the phone (as with all of their products) so that when one aquires this phone, they feel as if they're cool. This also brings about a group of people that will naturally "hate" the phone. People associate the look as an Iphone. The look is nothing more than an outward appearence.
Andriod is a better OS. There's no way around that. Hopefully copyright laws will allow this phone to be deeloped.

  • Amanda (Brasil)


  • Anonymous

and so what if it looks like it...i said since day one i wish that i could get thelook of the iphone with android boy did i get my wish. why do people fight for something they paid for like its their baby its just a phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Apr 2009All these people talking about 'lawsuits' have obviously ne... morewell why don't u enlighten use law boy...? it is possible to copyright something, in this case the proper discription is patent, apple can patent the look or even feel of their product. These guys are goners if they distribute this phone.

  • Anonymous

iphone is market leader

  • Rap

definitely iphone... copy cat

  • iphone

wow its a new look for apple iphone

  • rish

might as well just add the apple logo at the back..

  • dudz

wow... look a like iphone....

waiting for the review and full specs

  • Anonymous

Well, to be fair... Let's all try to develop a phone that is all touch and no buttons........ Yeah, there isn't a whole lot you can do with that to not make it look like an iPhone. It's a screen. What do you expect it to look like?

  • Anonymous

Ben, 09 Apr 2009how is it possible that apple can have copyright over multi... moreAll these people talking about 'lawsuits' have obviously never studied law or have the faintest idea about copyrights.

  • Ghala

What a joke this phone is. iPhone knock-off. At least Nokia and SE are trying to do something of their own.

  • Anonymous

anonymous poster looks like iphone insider.he criticize anything but iphone and preach nothing but I phone, and properly used nothing but iphone ha, this not an Iphone , this is android platform. whole different world from ur colorful ifan phone. and how could he compares it with s60 its an open source, u know what that mean new free app everyday . if any one used n810 will know exactly what I mean, android is the way to affordable freedom. I use p2p on my n810 something like limewire but a lot stroger, peace

  • Anonymous

Swisska, 10 Apr 2009Im a nokia fan but damm these companies cant they comeup wi... morethat's because apple has lured in every douche in the world with that ugly style... what do you do to remain competitive?.. if you sell clothing in an emo area, you'd best start selling emo clothing, even if it ain't your thing

  • mg

This is really nice . I'm still waiting to buy an iPhone but Apple does not want to build nothing for me; I'm waiting for the next one in the sumer; While I do that I;m enjoying my ROOTEEEEEED G1; the next Iphone might be the last chance for me to buy (if they will have what I need on it) an iPhone because if not T-MOBILE G3 REALLLY LOOKS GOOD

  • Faheem

lol.... even if it had copyrights, it just means they cant make it look exactly the same.... and as far as the other touchscreen mobiles they look very different to the Iphone.

Iphone people nned to open there eyes and have a look at the mobiles in more detail and realise the difference in design.

  • Swisska

Im a nokia fan but damm these companies cant they comeup with there own looks rather then copying the iphone,i hope the next iphone will be copyrighted by apple and no other copies can be made.