Samsung B5702 Dual SIM phone is now as official as it gets

8 April, 2009
Today Samsung announced the upcoming launch of Samsung B5702 - their latest dual-standby mobile phone, which allows users to use two SIM cards in one mobile phone simultaneously. Coming with...

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  • Anonymous

Where can I purchase this phone?

  • mohamed

aa, 19 Apr 2009what is the diffrent between this phone & samsung d880?!!why no 3g

  • les

am in manchester uk not the north polo... get the samsung b5702 in are
shop now.

  • joan_ansao

actually im waiting that kind of dual sim coz i really like samsung phone

  • aa

what is the diffrent between this phone & samsung d880?!!

  • salmah

Satish, 09 Apr 2009good shame on nokia ,samsung is towards no. 1 positionu must be joking,.... nokia has it all

  • hussein

Samsung is the only branded mobile who has Dual sim.
any idea guys when the mobile will be launch.

  • hubert satheesh

the writing on the wall is very clear.the future belongs to those who provide dual or tri-sim features in their mobile and others will perish.i would love to see a dual "omnia" currently dual sim mobile is my choice as iam using two sims.


Samsung Dous support 3G?

  • sz

Cesar, 09 Apr 2009Samsung covered all bases on dual-SIM phones.but in China,they have more dual-SIM phone

  • mcampos

Well, i have one dual samsung, but isnt a complete phone... were is a good camera and gps?

  • shaman

nice=)but,why cant the make a sim with two different numbers instead?

  • Cesar

Samsung covered all bases on dual-SIM phones.

  • Satish

good shame on nokia ,samsung is towards no. 1 position

  • Anonymous

Samsung good show ... keep it up

  • d'accord

md, 08 Apr 2009shame on NOKIA so called world number one they are far behind fr... moreAgreed on that! Nokia's falling behind.

  • D

No 3G?

  • Falcon007

Dual sim phone? It is OK, but I'm waiting for a dual sim smartphone!!!

  • Samsung do it!.

dual sim?,nice samsung!. ;)


Boss & Sweetie - LOL!