Samsung announces Tizen-powered Samsung Z

02 June, 2014
The phone will go on sale in Russia in the third quarter of this year and in other markets later.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2014According to a few court cases, you are only half right.Oh excuse me...They both separately invented squares I guess.

  • AnonD-213683

In fact I like pretty much Samsung. They keep giving us what we ask for, SD cards, user replaceable batteries, open bootloaders (!) and many more. Sony didn't, HTC didn't, LG didn't, so let's be fair! Google put a great pressure on manufacturers and Samsung resisted pretty well!
I don't quite like that Knox is installed by default on some devices, but well, nobody's perfect. I suggest them to make Knox an optional feature as it is pretty intrusive and annoying for the normal user. It's good to offer something but it's ugly to push it down our throats.
I have had myself some rants against Samsung, but all I wanted was to be constructive.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2014Does not look a thing like Sony. Nor does a Galaxy look like an ... moreAccording to a few court cases, you are only half right.

  • AnonD-105272

it looks exactly like lg optimus 4x

  • osteen

very dull look..

  • AnonD-105272­oads/2013/12/LG-P880-2.jpg
this shows whose coping whom

  • Shaggy

AnonD-213683, 03 Jun 2014I read a lot of negative comments about Samsung's move. Personal... moreYou're right. It seems many people wants Tizen OS to fail because of their hate towards Samsung.

  • Shaggy

django, 02 Jun 2014you are out of touch with the current state of Tizen. Yizen , s... moreHehehehe! I may be as I'm not in any way working for or related to the Tizen OS project. SK Telecom and Orange still members of Tizen Association. Sprint left but rejoined as a partner. These companies are carriers and they drop in and out as they please and they aren't that important to the Tizen OS developement. But if Samsung doesn't release something soon, more important members could leave the Association.

LiMo(Samsung,Motorola) wasn't dropped, it evolved into Tizen with Meego(Nokia,Intel). Samsung merged(well only some components. the rest was phased out.) their Bada OS into Tizen also. Motorola chose Android OS(so did Samsung) for their phones but was still an associate member of the LiMo Foundation.

Looks like you don't know anything about Tizen OS if you think Tizen is a revamped Bada. :)

It seems to me that you "hate" Samsung for whatever reason, which you're entitled too and therefore wants Tizen to fail. I couldn't care less about Samsung or any other OEM, but I do want Tizen OS to succeed.

  • insgomo

Phone is free from NSA plugin so cannot be sell in us sorry .

  • AnonD-213683

I read a lot of negative comments about Samsung's move. Personally I see it as positive. Not necessarily that i'd like that Samsung abandon the Android road, but anyway, to see them split the production between the two. I'm sick and tired of Google, because of the NSA rumours, because their hate for SD cards and removable batteries, because their obsessive presure to use the cloud services, even if this means to criple our devices and put us out of their control.
For now I have no realistic options, but as soon as another manufacturer comes with something at least half decent, I will quit the Google boat. I use the smarthone for realy simple tasks, I don't need hundred of apps, so Tizen could be it! Kudos!

  • Anonymous

What I really wish Samsung would do is combine all their major phone lines together.

Combine the Note, the S""if needed cause the Note kind of gets that"", the Beam, and the Zoom.
That device would be the absolute beast of device.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-252889, 03 Jun 2014is it better then my wave 2 I doubtWave 2 is good phone. I have it...
But of course this is better.
4.8inch HD Amoled. S800 cpu. New developed lighter system.

  • the_seba

AnonD-258672, 02 Jun 2014Samsung is just a copy cat and capitalized Android for its growt... moreYes, now tell us how successful is your own life. Full of win I suppose; aren't you by any chance Elon Musk?

  • AnonD-252889

is it better then my wave 2 I doubt

  • prince2k2

i think the mostly people think they have always better concepts more then mobile companies i ashamed of them coz they have free time...

  • Anonymous

Tizen, 02 Jun 2014So apple invented independence!Apparently along with everything else.

  • Anonymous

DD, 02 Jun 2014very true bro. at least someone noticed this. but lg g3 is good ... moreYes. G3 definitely is changing of the Galaxy bandwagon.
Although what sets the UI apart more I think is Samsung's own revamp to it.

  • Anonymous

JohnyVacc, 02 Jun 2014Ooooo, Samsung didnt learn nothing from war with apple, it look ... moreDoes not look a thing like Sony. Nor does a Galaxy look like an Iphone.

  • Anonymous

bayugtaufik, 02 Jun 2014its front looks very similar to my lg p765 lol samsung can you ... moreYou mean the same way almost every single mid range LG is a Galaxy look a like, Optimus UI is a Touchwiz copy and paste, G line design is altered Galaxy, and G Pro 2 is a late to the game want to be Note 3?

  • Anonymous

wessyd, 02 Jun 2014Thx sammy no more lagdroid.As opposed to what other crashing lagging system?
They all have crash and lag. And Android does not have a lot.