Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and Galaxy Tab S 8.4 go official

12 June, 2014
Both tablets rock Super AMOLED screens with WQHD resolution (2560 x 1600 pixels).

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  • Anonymous

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  • ravi

as per indian market price is higher

  • Taib

Tabs of the yr. I'll surely get one...

  • ultralord

crap! so many versions but the update support is fafenufsboobfsebuoee

  • Zebramall

Samsung has gone berserk with their tablets.....normal people don't know there are so many different versions, or care. Most retail stores that aren't Best Buy or specialty stores still carry the Galaxy tab 3's and no mention of Tab 4, let alone Note 10.1 (2014), Tab Pro line, and now....Tab S???!!!! Samsung is also reaching that almost out of range price for these tabs $399/499.....Come on Samsung,I thought Apple's 1 year refresh was ridiculous cause my ipad would be outdated in a year but if I buy a Galaxy tab, guaranteed to be outdated in 3 months......Phone refreshes I can see faster and dont hesitate but not tablets.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-81014, 13 Jun 2014This gold color is soo bad... This tablets are ok, but iPad st... moreIf ipad is so good, why are you following samsung...THREATENED ?

  • Anonymous

What I like about Apple is how they really emphasize long battery life. What good are gadgets if you have to keep charging them? If the product spends more time with the charger than with your hand then it means the battery life isn't enough.

  • Anonymous

I'm a tech enthusiast and its hard enough getting my head round Samsungs tablet range let alone Joe public. So we have the
Galaxy TabPro,
Galazy NotePro,
Galaxy Note,
Galaxy Tab
Galaxy Tab S

10 points for anyone that can order them from entry level to top flagship.

  • rk

Samsung plz come with new design

  • Giant Phone UI

Android 4.4.2 still giant phone UI for most apps.

They destroyed the beloved Honeycomb UI, and introduce lousy unified UI in ICS and done you in with JB. Forcing poor Samsung here to include 3 physical buttons.

I wish they fire the Android UI designer just like the Samsung chief designer. After 3 freaking year of the same UI, Its unforgivable!

  • AnonD-81014

This gold color is soo bad...
This tablets are ok, but iPad still rules. iOS have so much better and more apps for tablets, and that is the key. With new iOS 8, iPads will be even better.
And when new iPad come soon whit TouchID, A8 processor and other news, Sumsung will need to present new tablets. Which verison? Ver.22 for this year? Lol

  • AnonD-237024

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2014design is bad its just copy of tab pro 8.4Its meant to look like that...

  • Anonymous

Shellshock, 13 Jun 2014Samsung now copy even the prices for their tablets....499$ for t... moreCome on.Copying price?Are you kidding?Stop trolling.

huh, 13 Jun 2014what's better? these new tabs s or the Note 10.1 and 8.0?These come with amazing amloed displays.. where as in note 8/10 u get S pen functionality... it depends on ur usability

  • Anonymous

design is bad its just copy of tab pro 8.4

  • Shellshock

Samsung now copy even the prices for their tablets....499$ for the larger tablet...really Samsung, you can't even put your price for your products ?

  • boredwithsamsung

SONY, 13 Jun 2014Samsung r u sold your previous same looking tablets????????????samsung is getting worst even i was samsung fan but know all models look same boring design and this tab galaxy s 8.4 is a copy of tab note pro 8.4 .....

  • SONY

Samsung r u sold your previous same looking tablets????????????

  • Anonymous

Wow! mouth watering like super AMOLED screen that makes even dull photos so beautiful. Your eyes gets so vivid, soft , vibrant and comfortable colours that lcd screen feels something is missing on it. If you don't believe compare them. My galaxy note 3 has given me chance to experience the AMOLED . It is so great .

  • AnonD-263433

AnonD-237024, 13 Jun 2014Not touching an Apple product for a while. I got a ipod 5g so... more... well ReZone there is just no better way to make more and better use of a note3
kind regsrds