LG GC900 Viewty 2 turns official the Smart way, no xenon though

15 April, 2009
LG GC900 Viewty Smart (a.k.a Viewty 2) is now as good as official and very similar to the LG Arena as it seems. S-Class UI, 8 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, GPS are all cramped in there in its 12mm-thin body...

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  • jonathan

luv lg, lately theyre bringin out EXCELLENT phones. only one complaint: y dont u guys use some OS? i dunno, i luv symbian, but it could b something else. i mean, u guys use os, but not as much as samsung for example. ur high end phones should have os!

  • simon

its basically the arena with an 8 mp camera whoopie...........

  • Paul

I think out of all the 'BIG' phones to hit the market in the summer, LG seem to be winning on style, the features are on a par with the other makers, although we are yet to see what the ne iphone looks like! So is it to be the N97, or SE idou, or Samsung O/HD think i'll go with the LG Smart!

  • Murdoch

stop crying about xenon flash.
yes, xenon is the best but you need to choose:
a slim phone or xenon flash.

  • Anonymous

whos the chick? yum =)

  • benny

very nice phone i wish it could have it bigger display and oled evrything else is nice

  • yuvis

yes it cant
the capasitor(very huge you know) is needed to built some flash canon in a mobile device

  • anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Apr 2009no xenon flash??! that's totally disappointing. Maybe it's true ... moreforget about xenon n come about quality.innov no xenon,m8800 pixon no xenon but they r relatively 1st and second placed.But C905 with xenon,loser!!!let it come it will talk by itself...

  • Anonymous

Im not suprised they've dropped the Xenon as it eats battery power & takes far longer to 'recharge' over led flashes, which have improved massively over the last year or so.

  • lexa

urggggghhh...im so excited to see this phone..unfortunately..sooooo dissapointingggggggg...no xenon flashhhhhhhh :( to make it slim..something must be sacrifised..xenonnn..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..is it~~

  • dave

no xenon :(
anyway it looks awesome
no buttons on the phone?

  • Anonymous

no xenon flash??! that's totally disappointing. Maybe it's true that thin phones cannot have a xenon flash

  • MrMe

Nice phone, love LG, they made a very big step forward.
And will become nr2 in Europe is geuss.

  • red

love it