BlackBerry CEO shows off new Passport and Classic phones

20 June, 2014
Both have square screens and hardware QWERTY keyboards. The Classic has an optical trackpad too.

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Will the BB classic have on screen dial?

  • Anonymous

I am so glad to see that blackberry has decided to bring out a phone with z keyboard again. I think touchscreens are not that great. Thank you Blackberry. From a dedicated Blackberry fan

  • AnonD-306033

Why BB has no Radio, it is just one feature, I love to use most often. It is really disappointing that BB cannot have this feature. Otherwise any day, I would buy this phone hands down.

  • mariya sumo

verry niece

  • pete

i plan to buy the bb passport by switching from apple. I love the bb pp model and think it resembles me,,

  • AJ

Looking forward to the passport, I wish BlackBerry had an affordable Porshe edition, and I think they should continue to provide/ manufacture full touch screen phone's, currently and still loving my BlackBerry Z30.

  • Michelle

I am waiting for Iphone6 but considering to stick with BB as I have one BB phone. BB just needs additional apps but over-all it is a great phone next to Iphone. Can't wait for BB Passport or Classic.

  • amin memon

i like that phone is amazing.
i cant wait till launch in india

  • RainMan

Thank U BB for making a nice physical kb phone again(Classic). I really like that start call, end call and classic trackpad is back. Cant wait when U launch it in Australia.

  • dev

I'm a big fan of physical QWERTY keyboards, so, one of these will be my first BB terminal. Now i use an old Nokia N900 because I've appreciated the originality and quality of Nokia terminals, until they started to build those awful Windoz phones

  • Anonymous

This will be my next device. Period.

  • Remesh

nshen, 27 Jun 2014Blackberry always hangEvery mobile OS used to hang at the initial stages. I remember in Gingerbread days how the Android phones with their then astronomical specs used to hang. So did IOS. Don't even go to Symbian and Windows. No single codes stuff ( Say OS or Application) ever came into being without some bugs.

he question is how fast they fix those bugs. In less that three years of inception BlackBerry 10 OS has got such fluidity and stability that I never had to reboot my Z30 and Q10 unless I update OS ( leaks, yeah :-D. Plenty of them).

So, now you say that BlackBerry phones hangs, that means you have never seen a BlackBerry 10 phone recently.

  • Remesh

Doug, 22 Jun 2014BlackBerry should make a physical QWERTY smartphone with Android OS!Why can't Google do that ? I have used a Motorola QWERTY phone ( Motorola Admiral XT603. Unlocked and used ) just for fun. It is a pretty decent phone albeit loaded with a now Jurassic Android Gingerbread). It is apparent that with some tweaks and pushing and some decent hardware Android can work with QWERTY phones.

I am sure if such a phone comes out, there would be a lot of buyers for it.

  • Remesh

berryeater, 22 Jun 2014Blackberry still exists? I thought it was bankrupt years ago.So we thought about Nokia and Motorola , once upon a time.

You were saying?

  • Remesh

AnonD-170479, 21 Jun 2014Blackberry is great but its dying just because of trends but its... moreI think the reviews of Nokia's Windows phones would answer this post. If we look at past experiences, a lot of time takeover by a bigger company thoroughly destroyed an excellent product ( Palm anyone?). Now Microsoft took over Nokia, they excellent Symbian phones ( When Nokia started come up with legends like Pureview 808. I believe if given some more time Nokia engineers would have produced a better power efficient phone) ceased to exit.

On the other hand BlackBerry's taking over of QNX produced an excellent mobile OS like BlackBerry 10. Think about it. In a couple of years it as become such a polished OS as good as IOS. Given another year so, with more market penetration I am sure more quality application would start coming to this platform.

  • Remesh

Malaysian, 21 Jun 2014BB company Dead and won't beg u to buy! So stop talking about se... moreDo you say this because BlackBerry named their Z3 as 'Jakarta'? Maybe we petition BlackBerry's next phone to be named as 'Kuala Lumpur' to make you happy.

  • Remesh

why?, 21 Jun 2014This company is a JOKE. November? Really? and I bet that BB Cla... moreI feel your pain bro. You still work for the same company that markets VGA cameras and 1150 mAH Chinese batteries?

  • Remesh

sweet patatoo, 21 Jun 2014can we play subway suffer ...!! if nt than you bbm is wasting mo... moreI think BlackBerry is manufacturing touch devices only to make people play Minion Rush.

Now that is justified, what else games do you need on a BlackBerry? Did you search their appstore (BlackBerry World?)

  • Remesh

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2014Is this a joke? Seriously, is this what they're counting on to s... moreOK, smart guy.

What is your concept, vision or mission or inspiration? How do you think a successful BlackBerry phone look like?

  • wisedragon

I am glad to see blackberry develop new units based favored features based on user feedback. I sincerely hope that they solve the freezing in their software as well as the short battery life.

They also need to expand on their application memory.