LG G3 arrives in the UK early, units ship tomorrow

26 June, 2014
The LG flagship was supposed to launch tomorrow in Asia and in July in Europe.

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  • Anonymous

The only thing which is good about the G3, LG managed to build in a 5.5" screen in that housing. When it comes to the highly praised QHD display, you won't be able to see a difference between this and other high-end phone's displays. All the other things in the unit are just mid-range class.
I am not big fan of the Samsung design, but their specs and software are great.

  • Ragavendra

I am also eagerly awaited for LG G3 in India but I don't no when exactly going to launch pls launch immediately Indian peoples are awaited

  • AnonD-277806

Malaysia when...???lunch

  • Anonymous

Nice! even though I am not a LG fan

  • AnonD-277582

[deleted post]Its d855 euro version. 2gb ram

  • Anonymous

LG G3 now available in Cebu... i got one already, great display and so handy! I strongly suggest to check and try it before buying any other phone. I love this phone!!!

  • AnonD-30055

AnonD-207990, 26 Jun 2014Anybody got an idea about G3's exact launch date in India. Still... moreyes i agree and wait for lg g3 to come in july but i want to know what date it launch in india

  • Someone

It's been in stock here in Sweden since yesterday...

  • AnonD-259899

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2014Waiting for S805 version of G3....Then you will need to shell out a lot more than the 801 version because it seems an LG exec was quoted saying the 805 version will be for the Korean market.

It will be a long wait, that's if they ever plan on shipping it outside officially.

  • AnonD-207990

Anybody got an idea about G3's exact launch date in India. Still no official word from LG. The earlier media announcement just says...the device would be available in rest of asia from July. When in JULY???????????

  • AnonD-207990

Oh boy....really feeling desperate upon seeing user's mentioning about having received their device.

Guys, post pics ASAP..n detailed opinions after you spend considerable time with it.

  • AnonD-231053

Woo Hoo!! i get paid in 2 day! can't wait!!

  • Anonymous

Waiting for S805 version of G3....

  • AnonD-277612

Carphone offers sim free for 479.95

Clove offers sim free slightly more at 492, but they throw in a wireless charger...

Deciding if I should sell my S5 and get one sim free..

  • AnonD-277582

Hip hip hurrrrrraaaaah
I have received mine LG G3 now. My sim is in note 3 but LG G3 is Eye catching amazing everything was wrong no matter what brightness is. SuperbbbB

  • Suresh

Can you say when it going to launch in Asia.

  • smirf86

yay, just got mine!

  • AnonD-116547

The beast is here.. first it was the G2.. now it is the G3.. Can't wait for its release in my country.

  • AnonD-259899

Naz, 26 Jun 2014ahah .. mine is out for delivery and will be in my hands in the ... moreCan you please report back with the exact model number on your unit and firmware version? Thanks in advance!

  • Naz

ahah .. mine is out for delivery and will be in my hands in the next 10 mins .... cant wait