Nokia by Microsoft branding spotted on Lumia 830

05 July, 2014
The upcoming successor to the Nokia Lumia 820 is pictured again, with pretty interesting branding.

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  • LSB

Nokia's Employee, 14 Aug 2014No Nokia is not owned by Microsoft, they bought only part of com... moreAlthough Nokia has vast area in smart phone and budget phone market but the thing is nokia has evolved since 1su generation of mobile phone making . But apparently microsoft is a software who is not expertise in mobile phone division has renamed microsoft mobile . . Do you think this gonna work out . . Because nokia has a name in developing nations . . Lets see . .

  • prash

i love nokia phones better the all

  • param.d best other o.s.

  • Nokia's Employee

No Nokia is not owned by Microsoft, they bought only part of company (Nokia Devices department)

  • karan

4.7/5 inch screen,quad core snap 400/600,1.5gb ram,13mp pure view rear,2mp front,and clear black display,7. blah blah thickness, and all under reasonable rate

  • MK

Plz don't make another name of nokia. Bse nokia is the best & beter than other Wp is the best phone.

  • AnonD-286249

Nokia is owned by Microsoft.then why they will release android phone is best...

  • Sarnadeep

ashar, 19 Jul 2014nokia is the best company it should launch pure android mobiles ... moreNokia is owned by Microsoft.then why they will release android phone?windows phone is best.

  • mohit

Please don't change the name Nokia .. let it be Nokia only

  • Uclid

Yes all right but in India it should have 1. 1 GB RAM, 2. 02(Dual) SIM,3. 03 MP Front camera, rest Mr.Bill you can decide.

  • ashar

nokia is the best company it should launch pure android mobiles instead of window phone that make their mobiles market value so please launch pure android request by nokia fan

  • rae1

When this dream phone is expected to be launch in India any idea guys?

Yahoo! Then my next Windows Phone would be the Lumia 930 or Lumia Goldfinger (whichever high-end model has red as its available color) with the Nokia by Microsoft brand instead of a HTC, Samsung or Lenovo WP.

Why? 'Cause HTC's Clock Hub is now unbranded with the Windows Phone 8.1 update and the Lumia Cyan firmware for existing Nokia Windows Phones so there's no need for me to get a HTC WP just to have a official clock app and Samsung has no other colors other than grey for their WPs which make no sense for a ordinary consumer to get.

  • N

Neo, 07 Jul 2014PEOPLE LOVE ANDROID 80% of smartphone users worldwide use ANDROI... moreGlad to hear another Android fanboy talking without knoledge.
The average asked price per unit sold for andoid phones is lower then windows phones.
Companies use Android for their top phones, but even more for the cheap phones, making the average $/phone the lowest of the 4 major OS.

  • Sekki

No problemo.

I just hope those Nokia Care Center(s) in my city won't change name to Microsoft Care Center.

  • Neo

AnonD-170479, 06 Jul 2014Why you people like BugDroid and LagDroid???? I've used both ... morePEOPLE LOVE ANDROID 80% of smartphone users worldwide use ANDROID where only 3% use Windows phone. That too most people buy cheap wp very few people buy premium Windows phone devices.

  • Soumitro

It sounds really interesting to me! Since the image is saying it's a PUREVIEW phone, also in mid-ranger catagory! I'm eagerly waiting gor the phone to come! And glad enough that MICROSOFT wasn't cruel to remove the iconic NOKIA brand name.

  • faruk

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2014Yeah, it's totally OK. Why not write down every single manufactu... moreIf it had a big logo of Windows on the back and saying by Microsoft then it would have been perfect...But still its good and the new Nokia phones are getting better and better I've started hating BugDroid already....

  • Anonymous

carl, 06 Jul 2014MS should make phone with MIL-STD-810G Standard (like rain, dust... moreTry Panasonic $2000 Windows Phone.

  • AdamBoy64

Chuck, 06 Jul 2014If announced july 27th - released just before Christmas then... ... moreYeah, Nokia have always been pretty bad like that.

If they state it's "available now", it'll be 4 months before you can actually find it anywhere.

So frustrating.