Metal Samsung Galaxy Alpha may be unveiled in a month

14 July, 2014
This information comes from ETnews, which cites industry insiders. Specs are still unclear though.

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  • AnonD-24741

dJoker, 15 Jul 2014I want this phone running on ICS so that I can transfer the... moreSounds like you have no clue how Android works, mate...

  • AnonD-24741

Everybody moved on? Is that why every third smartphone sold in the world is a Samsung? :D

  • Anonymous

Only thing's with how excites fans and be really hit is this specs:

1.Display.- 4.7" FHD - LTPS + AMOLED
2.Memory.- 3 GB RAM
3.Chipset.- Exynos 5433

  • Dhanu

Camera is 21mp

  • AnonD-224791

Wow! This would b a killer device! Metal body, 4Gb RAM! This is good Sammy!!


DNS, 15 Jul 2014Nobody cares any more, Samesung, too late. You had one thou... moreSamsung beats Apple in market share and quality. period

  • good


  • DNS

Nobody cares any more, Samesung, too late. You had one thousand of warnings and opportunities, now people moved on.

  • Jet Li

Wow the spec on this device is great
Ram 4GB, internal storage 128GB plus support for micro sd card, Bluetooth v5.0, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, LTE-A,, infrared, WiFi dual channel, waterproof, dustproof, dual sim support dual standby on some. Worldwide connection. Metal construction device..
It's about time Samsung..

Jet Li

  • AnonD-250695

rumors r rumors .... it can not be said that ,it will be available surely.I like my plastic s5 with beast spec on it.

dJoker, 15 Jul 2014I want this phone running on ICS so that I can transfer the... moreWho told you that Kitkat can't transfer intalled apps to SD card? You're absolutely wrong!

  • Anonymous

So much concern over a metal body. All these Crapple iphonies, so concerned about there metal bodies. It's like have a Ferarri with a 1300 engine. I won't drop my plastic body to buy this phone and pay a fortune. Screens on metal bodies crack just as easy as any other shell if not easier.

  • mortuus

looking forward this one, must be a killer phone metal case waterproof and super fast..

  • junior

i really do wonder on which basis samsung throws galaxy names for handsets..... alpha mega Ace trend .... who is the name director of samsung ?

  • AdamBoy64

dJoker, 15 Jul 2014I want this phone running on ICS so that I can transfer the... moreAh, the golden age of Android.
Now long since passed.

  • Martino

AnonD-20692, 15 Jul 2014i think samsung will launch its 50 previous models with cha... moreLol..that's possible.they are out of options..where should we focus on,galexy f,tab a galexy alpha?!?these ppl are stupid,all the care for is profit not good valuable products...they just copid a 64-bit os from iPhone 5s n now it's the design and material of the iPhones..No,this is bull#hit

  • dJoker

I want this phone running on ICS so that I can transfer the installed apps into SD card. ^^,

  • AdamBoy64

AnonD-5744, 15 Jul 2014copycat iphone4/4s/5/5s designWhy is that, because it's white?

  • AnonD-5744

copycat iphone4/4s/5/5s design

  • LookBeforeYouLeap

I have no clue why people get so upset with Samsung or other companies for putting out a new line of products with more options or better specs. I have a Samsung galaxy note 2 and have been due for an upgrade for a while. To be honest with you, I really was thinking about purchasing an S5 because I enjoyed my note 2 so much but the phone did nothing to impress me. I felt, after much research, it really wasn't much of an upgrade compared with what I already had so I'm waiting for something that I personally feel is. Anyone that purchased the S5 could of looked at the specs and decided it wasn't good enough to upgrade and waited for something else. S5 is definitely a great phone but it isn't for me. I like a big screen.