Android 4.4.4 now seeding on DROID Ultra, Maxx, Mini

15 July, 2014
Verizon's Motorola DROID Maxx, Mini and Ultra are now officially getting Android 4.4.4 updates.

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  • AnonD-293833

Dany, 16 Jul 2014And The Droid Razr xt912???Will not be updated anymore dont blame moto google droped support for omap4 processor support.

  • AnonD-290044

Android 4.4.4 has rendered contacts and phone unusable on Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

  • Damo

When 4.4.4 is coming to Galaxy S5?

  • Dany

And The Droid Razr xt912???

  • Mandy

Would be better if you could fix the messaging app.
Had to download a whole new one so it would stop shutting down on me and erasing everything. Called tech support 3 times and for each call spent over an hour doing trouble shooting. Even came down to the factory reset and still isn't fixed. I don't want to spend over $70 a month only to spend countless hours on trying to fix it. My Droid ultra was great until all of this.

  • lell0

why there's no battery life test for the droid maxx

  • AnonD-269201

AnonD-183154, 15 Jul 2014Shouldn't you thank Lenovo because they are paying for the update.No, motorola can pay for itself, lenovo is only getting the income from Motorola.

  • Anonymous

And what about razr i?

  • Anonymous


  • pt020

Got the 4.4.4 on mine 2012 Nexus 7,and I must say it is not as smooth as 4.4.3. was.

  • AnonD-183154

ThunderCrakR, 15 Jul 2014Respect, Moto! You ROCK! Even after being bought by Lenovo!Shouldn't you thank Lenovo because they are paying for the update.

  • ThunderCrakR

Respect, Moto! You ROCK! Even after being bought by Lenovo!

  • AnonD-107756

Thanks For Not Forgetting Moto