New Apple iPhone 6 images arrive, tell a familiar story

18 July, 2014
The images align nicely with previous leak, showing the new design language that the iPhone 6 will bring.

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  • lol

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2014u meant to say the Elite Few, a certain level of IQ and cla... moreif u r interested in logo why dont u just get a sticker and put it on your forehead .. why pay $800 for a phone ??????

  • Anonymous

:DDD Wtf? looks like a 20 euro crap phone. But will definitely cost 1200 euro because there is a apple logo on it.

  • vks

this phone has so smart phone , i rely like the phone , verry very good this mobile , i givn thist phone 6 star out off 5

  • AnonD-285486

i bet it's still dual core nd 1gb ram

  • rocky

i'll go htc one m8 if the new iphone is dual core & still 1 gb ram

  • Anonymous

lol, 19 Jul 2014ROFLMAO ..... typical iRobot speaking. Samsung phone could ... moreu meant to say the Elite Few, a certain level of IQ and class is required to feel the royalty of the Apple logo, which u severely lack

  • lol

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2014try to search more kid! apple will always remain on top of ... morecopying them ????? ... like what ?????
Dude come one ... every new feature released in ios8 is a copy and were present in other platforms ages ago ..... know ur stupid phone before commenting. no we dont have to work hard because we dont pay more for unworthy items.

  • lol

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2014Article just for you: moreoh my gosh ...i am scared now what will happen to samsung ????????

  • mohit

ithing each and everyone is giving the leak images regarding iphone 6 but iphone give something new to everyone .

  • lol

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2014Return you phone, the shopkeeper fooled you and gave you a ... moreROFLMAO ..... typical iRobot speaking. Samsung phone could do all of this since BC era i think .. lol.
ios doesn't even allow u to do daily tasks easily. Still it is $850 phone and call it premium ... joke of the millennium.
iPhone have rotten fruit LOGO ... lol
As I have said before Apple fans are just happy whatever they get ... just think a bit guys, why are u paying huge amount for a phone which doesn't even give u proper features .... only design and brainless fans and girls (lol yes its true) are the selling point of apple

  • lol

rj23, 19 Jul 2014What is quality when all that Apple has is ONLY BEAUTY? It ... moretotally agree

  • lol

Mk!, 19 Jul 2014I doubt these leaks are of the original iphone 6.its chinese clone ..goophone i6 it

  • AnonD-262634

iPhones died when Stev..err..yea iFans, you know what I means..when he said 3.5 inch is the best screen size for smartphone, he surely regret that if he's still alive today..the legacy is dead with him..welcome to 2014 where bezels is thin to make a 5 incher phones looks that's a true innovation.

harlekkin, 19 Jul 2014I highly doubt that. iPhone sales have grown year on year, ... moreWhat is quality when all that Apple has is ONLY BEAUTY? It doesn't have the quality that everyone is lookin' for especially to those people who are picky like me when it comes to taste and when I talk about taste I do not only go for aesthetics but I go into the finer and deeper details of the subject (smartphone). The real ones that I find with real quality are:

1. Sony (Xperia Z2 & Z1 Compact) both are gorgeous with high quality choice of materials.
2. Samsung (Galaxy Note 3) FYI S5 could have been on my list but it looks ugly so I chose the Note 3.
3. Oppo (Find 7 and 7a) great specs with a great price tag now that's a real quality!
4. LG (G2, G Pro 2 and G3) LG is the father of innovation!
5. HTC (One M8) processing power and design are there but I am disappointed with the camera.
6. Nokia (Lumia 1520 and 930) design, camera and processing power is there and Windows has some edges over Android and vice versa.
7. Huawei (Honor 6) the design looks fascinating and the HiSilicon Kirin 920 CPU is very promising that it outdoes the Snapdragon 801 in tests (benchmarks).

OnePlus One is also a very promising device. Equally on par with the ones I have mentioned!

Now these are real quality phones. With paying a high price tag come performance (best hardware and great software) and design altogether. Design is the only thing that Apple has. In other words, it only has beauty but it is brain dead.

  • Anonymous

just i wana knw when going to lunch ip 6 plzz let me knw,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • ME

Disgustingly ugly. :)

  • Anonymous

It will be old when it comes out.

  • MFJ

The photos are fake. The bezel of the front panel in the image is much bigger then the one that appeared online, in those videos leaked.

  • AnonD-267245

Yogus, 19 Jul 2014I use 5S. Sometimes feel sick about these reasons: - very ... moreLol, that's why my friends abandoned Apple and never looked back. Lucky I didn't go through the pain

  • AnonD-242234

and its in black red golden and silver or white..