OnePlus offering a limited period 'Blizzard of invites' for the One

23 July, 2014
The company is giving 5,000 additional invites and 10 of them will get a free Bamboo StyleSwap covers.

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  • Anonymous

Finally got bored with this phone.

  • AnonD-207267

LOL...announced in Dec2013, "released" in April...May...June...July...and still people are begging to buy one? OnePlus must be laughing their a@@ off.
They suckered a bunch of people early on, to drum up the hype. When those early people got tired of the lies, they moved on, but there were new people, drummed up by the old people still eagerly waiting, so OnePlus trickled out a few devices, to hype up some more suckers, and on it goes.

  • Chupacabra

This phone doesn't have much hope with the release of Xiaomi Mi4.

  • Angry Mobile Nerd

AnonD-286609, 23 Jul 2014m frm india nyone has n extra invite plz forward it to pulkitsa... moreWhere do all these #&@&*$! %$&#^#* from India want an invite when OnePlus won't ship to India!?

You will need to set-up some postal/package referral address through a launch country and even then you will get zero support once its in India. Is it really worth the trouble for a freaking phone?

Arrgggg the internet was so much better in 1995 when there were only around 15 million users *worldwide* and didn't have people like this.

  • hegwah

Might as well wait for nexus 6

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2014Was interested in getting one of these phones.... ....but now... moreYes, I agree, the whole invite thing has not been any different than waiting for some other new phone that's announced, not available for months, has shipping/manufacturing issues at the last minute, then is sold out constantly once it is available, and finally after months can be had easily. By the time it's easy to get a OnePlus One, other competitive phones will have been out for months, no longer the latest greatest thing, and be more similar in price, taking away the OnePlus One's main advantage.

Anyway, OnePlus has been great at hype. But totally failed to deliver. They said it would be a 5.5" screen in a 5" phone, but in fact it's a phablet and every review has said this. They said the camera would be the amazing and didn't need OIS, instead it's been very middle of the road, bad low light performance, oversaturated images, definitely unable to handle shake with it's digital processing--again every review has found this. They said they had no connection to OPPO, but really they are just a devision of OPPO (and the OnePlus One is just a slightly different version of the Find 7). Anyway, maybe they should turn themselves into a marketing company, rather than a mobile phone company.

  • Anonymous

ONE+, I invite you to show me your bankruptcy reorg plan

  • Anonymous

Was interested in getting one of these phones....

....but now I'm just bored with it and their endless stream of invite system announcements.

  • Anonymous

oneplus developers: hey guys let's make an epic top of the line phone that out performs most devices and is half the price of the competition!!!

oneplus: sounds awesome, let's go ahead and make it physically impossible for anyone to obtain our product so that we can flaunt our ego's and bankrupt the company by forcing everyone to buy an alternative! good idea right?!?!?!?!

world: well we stop giving a shit about waiting for your over-hyped product and decided to move on with a comparable device that is obtainable without the need to cross an ocean for it.

  • dpdp

...if they continue this invite thing without actually selling the device in open market, they will invite big disaster for themselves...

people have lot of options and they can't wait for the so called flagship for year....

  • AnonD-105795

Obviously if they have money they can build a million phones and fulfill people's need. But they don't, they're using the old school ponzi scheme. After this 5k invites then the next one will be 10k.

  • biboboy

go for MI4 instead. both phones have monster specs and has the same skins as well. only difference is the rom. MIUI is good but i wanna try cyanogen mod too.

  • AnonD-286609

m frm india nyone has n extra invite plz forward it to it would be a great help guyz..go bless..

  • Anonym

arjun, 23 Jul 2014I think its beter to buy xiaomi mi4 rather than waiting for an i... moreIf only the MI4 had Cyanogenmod and not just MIUI...

  • hari

you r here wiyh a phone which people r not able to buy ......than whats the use....a whole lot of specification ...iphone killer, s5 killer but ur not able to deliver it to people...what is this invitation system

  • dB2E

Gave up waiting for a one plus one invite and went for a nexus 5 instead...

  • AnonD-183154

Boring. You are being played like a monkey just to buy this phone.

  • AnonD-276015

HvMetal, 23 Jul 2014The bamboo thing is nothing new as I had seen someone in Vietnam... moreUm, you know, bamboo isn't wood.

  • AnonD-87408

This contest is no longer accepting entries.

  • arjun

I think its beter to buy xiaomi mi4 rather than waiting for an invitation and wasting time