Apple outs iOS 8 beta 5 for developers to play with

04 August, 2014
A new beta for the next version of Apple's mobile operating system has been released today.

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  • AnonD-270318

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2014u mean.... android? lol>_>

  • lei cao

download the iOS 8 beta 5 free from jailbreakiosx

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2014too laggy.u mean.... android? lol

all phone should do simple animation , dont waste time for waiting ... no need spin spin , twirl twirl ,

  • AnonD-183154

AnonD-1825, 04 Aug 2014 WOW this iOS8 is superfast and super... moreAnd that's on iPhone 5. iPhone 6 is gonna be screaming fast.

  • AnonD-183154

Same size as stock Android and not the 700mb Android OEMs usually release. Good thing everyone can enjoy stock iOS.

  • Anonymous

iOS 8 looks very promising. A clean and optimized modern OS.

  • AnonD-1825 WOW this iOS8 is superfast and supersmooth.

  • AnonD-1825

AnonD-279720, 04 Aug 2014iOS8 is too slow already on my 5s, I hope it performes better la... moreOf course it gets, this is meant for developers not for final users

  • AnonD-279720

iOS8 is too slow already on my 5s, I hope it performes better later on because I'm not willing to trade my 4 month old 5s for an iPhone 6 yet :(

  • DoDo

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2014too laggy.Huh?

What are you running this on? Or are you just trolling?

  • AnonD-196068

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2014too laggy.Nothing like a well thought out sensible comment!

  • AnonD-1825

"There's also an iCloud Photo Settings option to store full resolution photos solely in iCloud while keeping device-optimized versions available on the iPhone to save storage space. "­tosoptimize.jpg

This sounds great, i like to store videos and photos inside my iPhone which i took, but those takes lot of space, so interesting to see what that device optimized means in storage size.

  • Anonymous

too laggy.