Galaxy Note 4 listing points to a 600 price tag, two versions

14 August, 2014
The Snapdragon 805 Galaxy Note 4 will have the N910S code, while the Exynos units will go by N910C.

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  • AnonD-276125

It would be great if they throw in the same functionality in both the snapdragon and exynos models making them equal functionality wise- lte, video recording and stuff. But i dont get on the part where the snapdragon is a 32bit but the exynos is a 64bit. Considering that samsung always shipped exynos models to my country its the first time that the exynos model has more potential than the snapdragon model. i will be definitely looking out for the 64bit android L. People who never used the iphone 5s seem to make a fuss about 64bit being useless but in reality when i compared iphone 5 and 5s, 64bit isnt lets say twice as fast but it is a lot faster than the 32bit i5 even though they have the same clock speed and architectures. 64bit does make a difference.

  • thecalmcritic

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2014Actually, the screen is the same size as the Note 3 which is a g... more"64 Bit is pretty pointless at the moment and in the near future."

A rather frivolous statement, considering that Android L's code drop should be happening in like what 1 or 2 months away with ART runtime being prepped for 64 bit and all?

So when exactly will 64 bit be NOT pointless for you sir?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2014I'm not impressed. Bigger screen, overclocked CPU, +1GB RAM (unl... moreActually, the screen is the same size as the Note 3 which is a good thing.

64 Bit is pretty pointless at the moment and in the near future.

Full size USB??? How thick do you want your phone. A simple $2 adapter does the trick.

Mini Display port? Again, a cheap adapter does the trick.

250GB storage? You can get 64GB internal plus 128GB micro sd plus you have USB OTG for virtually unlimited storage.

The note 3 already does 2160p 30fps and 1080 60 fps which creates massive files Don't need any bigger. Do we really need any bigger?

  • AnonD-105795

4gb of ram :) now others will follow.

  • Anonymous

Will there finally be an FM RADIO on board?

Or should I go looking at other manufacturer's offers AGAIN?

miles, 14 Aug 2014im a huge fan of the samsung galaxy note series and im really ho... moreLol that's stupid because you won't be finding what you're looking for in the iphone 6 as it won't be water and dust proof and its bezels will not be noticeably slimmer than any other phone out there with already thin bezels.

Just sounds like a lame excuse and a thinly veiled attempt at bashing samsung.

  • Sara

FreezeGame, 14 Aug 2014Being the #1 smartphone manufacturer in the world is enough just... moreYour list is very long.. ;D However I've a experience with a sam computer.. My grandfa brought his Sam Desktop 15 years ago.. But it works still very well..It's a great hint about the quality of sam computers.. Also played games with using full abilities of that comp.. Then I think also sam phones are same ..

  • Anonymous

I'm not impressed. Bigger screen, overclocked CPU, +1GB RAM (unless you guys will be clearing it often enough your battery will go poof...), few more pixels on either camera and screen.

What would impress me: 64bit support, full-size USB 3.0 port, miniDisplay port, 250GB storage (SSD?), 2160p @60fps, 1080p @120fps, 720p @240fps, good battery.

  • AnonD-78871

9.5M rupiahs, little bit higher than my expectations.
I expect 9M max, but i think pre order will get extra cash back and additional bonus such as S View cover etc.
Worth to buy i think

  • Anonymous

Wahyu, 14 Aug 2014Please note : Snapdragon 805 version : krait core, and no 64bit... moreAnd can you tell me what is android L then?

  • Eon

Very Overpriced better get Note 3!

  • Zed

FreezeGame, 14 Aug 2014Nah, never liked cookies. ;) LG T375 Cookie Smart http://www... morethe cookie made of chocolate dude....
forget about phones for a while !!!

  • AnonD-294462

Here comes the next big fail.

THE main cause for the FIFTH consecutive quarterly decline in YoY operating profit Samsung will report early next year.

Zed, 14 Aug 2014Okay , have a cookie then :pNah, never liked cookies. ;)

LG T375 Cookie Smart­9.php

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  • Zed

FreezeGame, 14 Aug 2014No, no...please, you're too kind. All medals go to Samsung. T... moreOkay , have a cookie then :p

Dave, 14 Aug 2014Give this man a medal!No, no...please, you're too kind.

All medals go to Samsung. The company earned them.

Thanks anyway.


  • Dave

FreezeGame, 14 Aug 2014Being the #1 smartphone manufacturer in the world is enough just... moreGive this man a medal!

  • gadsphyc

N910s -stander
N910c- cheap
I hate samsung for this why they put N9150c hardware in it just because they think our company has something diff but actually it's worst. & they know very well where to sold this craps .because we Indian just want note4 not actual performr

AnonD-134497, 14 Aug 2014Eh? Not even close. That is a bit bold statement. Justify please. Being the #1 smartphone manufacturer in the world is enough justification in this regard, but I'll go on...

Samsung is a multi-faceted worldwide leader. It produces some of the best products on the market today. Just about anything you need, this company has it. All high quality, all fantastic in their own right. Nothing beats Samsung.

Wearable Tech
Televisions (UHD, OLED, LED, Plasma, Smart)
All-In-One PCs
Tablet PCs
Interchangeable Lens Cameras
Galaxy Cameras
Long Zoom Cameras
Point and Shoot Cameras
HD Camcorders
Pocket Camcorders
Smart Cameras
High Quality Headphones
Home Theater Systems
Multi-Room Audio
Sound Bars
Wireless Audio Docks
Portable Speakers
Giga Sound Systems
Blu-ray & DVD Players
Smart Media Players
SSD - Solid State Drives
High Quality Memory Cards
Baby Monitors
IP Cameras
Security Systems
Washers & Dryers
LED Home Lighting
The list goes on...

Not even close? Bold? You were saying?


  • Anonymous

wow, that's from erafone,indonesia.
So, i'm pretty sure that it's the real deal.
No way erafone posted it just for fun.