Sony Ericsson Idou gets a proper name, meet Satio

28 May, 2009
Well the retail name of Idou is no longer a mystery the Sony Ericsson Satio is how the 12 megapixel full touch phone will be marketed. Some updates about the handset also emerged such as its final OS...

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  • Anonymous

i thing its beetr if you instal the nuest os android

  • nong poi

I love it !!!

  • se-fan

I liked Idou better

  • asmodeus

Symbian? pfft, why not lauch their flagship handset with their newest OS (ANDROID).

  • Anonymous

SE have made Symbian look alot better than Nokia. Nokia have put me off symbian, but looking at what SE have done with it, I might be a bit more interested now.

  • Paul

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2009Forget about satio,a new 12Mp pixon with a xenon and LED flash,3... moreThe problem with the 12Mp pixon is it uses there own Operating System not Symbian,Winmobile or Android, so there is virtually no software you can add to the phone, so it is pointless.

  • Anonymous

I liked "Idou" better...

  • android16

this phone rulz!!!!!!!!!!

the pricing is $200.
It will come out in September!!!

  • Anonymous

Forget about satio,a new 12Mp pixon with a xenon and LED flash,3.1 inc AMOLED touch screen is already out.Infact,it is coming out by the end of june!

  • trisha

[deleted post]at Q4(october-december)

  • Anonymous

This thing is almost identical to Sonys latest Touch screen Cyber shot camrea. Really this thing is more like a Camera that's a phone rater then vice versa. This really dose trump everything on the market, I was about to buy the Innov8 by Samsung, but now I'm not so sure. I need something like that for concerts because the camrea on my Blackberry 8900 SUCKS on an epic scale! I miss my D900

  • Dr Adedoyin

The battle line is finally drawn and its taken right into nokia's courtyard N97 please watch out.

  • mobi

CClassic, 29 May 2009Should be named like "CT800" or "Yurnero" making it like a Cyber... moreLove your comment!
Some decent remarks here doesn't happen too often here!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 May 2009People are so blinded by MP. 12 MP doesn't mean a better camera,... moreOh really? i think you are a jealous fanboy because your smart os can't do like Symbian. Symbian is the BEST

  • Anonymous

People are so blinded by MP. 12 MP doesn't mean a better camera, just means bigger photo's. The phone itself has external memory which is slow, runs on symbian (prone to crashing and a rubbish interface). really is nothing special, just a marketing gimmick...

  • johndru

DEFINITELY i will now go back on buying a SONY ERICSSON phone! I thought sony and ericsson will depart ways since rumors are coming out. I've been waiting for them to release new offerings. The design and features are really worth waiting for! Can't wait any longer!

Although Samsung and Nokia leads the market, i never liked Samsung even just a bit. As for Nokia, i only liked it because of the user-friendliness and features.

I have 2 motorolas (rokr e2 and rizr z8) and Nokia N82. I might be selling the 2 motorolas for a sony ericsson. Wah! Can't wait!!!!

  • Paul

The only touchscreen smartphone with a Xenon Flash, FINALY

Finaly I can replace my Nokia N82 with a smartphone touchscreen.

  • Anonymous

wow.. without open source OS i think this smartphone will sell very expensive.. because use 12MP.. maybe $1000 ?

  • Anonymous

name 'idou' is much better!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

i still dont know if it capacitive touchscreen. but i guess not.