Leaked iPhone 6 manual shows brand new design

26 August, 2014
The simple schematic of the iPhone 6 is probably coming from inside the retail package.

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  • skype 187

id better get a nokia 3310 it dos not hav so much functions and i nw wats happening on the handset

  • Anonymous

9:41 clock means 2014
9+4+1 = 14
September 9, 2014

[deleted post]I truly hope that's not the iPhone 6 in the picture. If so, it looks ridiculously bad.


  • Anonymous

DAN13L, 26 Aug 2014Expensive? $1000 is nothing these days. I'll buy this and the Ne... morebillionaire .. can you just buy it.. action speak louder than words.. hahaha

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2014I wonder how many haters are going to associate this "brand... morewell said.. i like ,,

ThunderCrackR, 26 Aug 2014And where is the ”brand new design”?Its a power button on the side. Completely new design, first time ever for iPhone. :)

  • Jitleaz

However... I never buy it or any i phone again.. bcz I want to feel freedom with my smartphone.. Apple, shi*... has blocked my smart freedom in many ways... also a money eater.. to buying and after buying ....

  • Anonymous

Seems to me that the size of the manual card is the actual size of the iphone 6, that's a big hint XD

  • Anonymous

I wonder how many haters are going to associate this "brand new design" line with Apple rather than with the GSMA author who wrote it.

Android fanboy: "OMG! Remember when the fruit company talked about the brand new designzzzz!! Innovation! (because you can't be a hater and not mention innovation in your apple hate comment)"

  • DoDo

Jared, 26 Aug 2014"Brand new design" - spilled my coffee from laughing.Certain people are usually easily amused.

They spill things often, too.


(I can't wait for the new iPhone, as the camera promises to be something special :)

  • der


  • ThePunisher

"brand new design" are u talking about iphone 6 ?! it looks the same like iphone 5s like the galaxy S5 which suddenl;y like the galaxy S4 ?! :)my ass liars

WOW! I'm impressed by this "Brand new design"! And no mention of 3.5mm headphone jack.

  • NotSo Awesome

Lol by replacing the sleep wake button to the top right corner of the phone makes it brand new redesign?? Lol wat a crap

  • AnonD-295601

lot's of hate makes man stronger i think this will make iphone superhit or even blockbuster in coming season..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2014The rear lens still protrudes from rear case. No thnx. Very unapple like ,,s,jobs would never allow that.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]The rear lens still protrudes from rear case.
No thnx.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]It is actually quite nice looking. I wish iOS had more to offer then I'd really consider trying it again. Is just too simple and restricted for me.

  • AdamBoy64

Not long to wait now.. the day approaches.

  • AnonD-73686

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2014Excuse me:-/? Innovative side power button? Many phones have bee... moreomg really .... dude that was sarcasm