Sony Ericsson C901 GreenHeart and Naite go eco

04 June, 2009
Sony Ericsson unveiled two new handsets that show its commitment to preserving the environment and reducing pollution. Sony Ericsson C901 GreenHeart and Sony Ericsson Naite are the two flagships...

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  • Anonymous

any GPS on this model C901i GreenHeart or C901i?

  • MAHI

If green heart technically same with C901.. No one gonna buy that.. they shud keep some thing best if they wanted to safe the planet.. then only peoples buy.. or else they have to stop the C901 and release this only

  • Anonymous

a very straight forward phone. no bs about it.

it has all you need for a mid range phone.

call, sms and a camera is all i need

  • Red_Capitalist

this is not enough for save the planet, recycled paper and plastic, boxes much small, please! anybody remember the mercury on board the electronic components of a device? or the battery,the battery of the gadgets it's the first and mayor envinromental problem, the equivalent of the petroleum for the electronics

  • Anonymous

antisonyericcson, 06 Jun 2009sonyericsson as usual..change their design..but nothing new... moreare you serious?

they say nokia has the easiest inferface to use. lol
the use their OS over and over to every phone that they make. :P

  • koko

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2009Yes , i aggree i wont buy j2me phone over $100well, to the two geniuses below - SE phones just WORK and this is what people need from their phone. I am using Nokia E71, BB, and SE and the SE phone is the most comfortable of them all, it works no hassle and no fuss. Nokia S60??? you have to be an engineer to operate and I don't feel like it when I use my phone.
Both of you probably have nothing better to do then to touch your phones at night, you can keep your Nokia

  • Anonymous

antisonyericcson, 06 Jun 2009sonyericsson as usual..change their design..but nothing new... moreYes , i aggree i wont buy j2me phone over $100

  • antisonyericcson

sonyericsson as usual..change their design..but nothing new in their software, who love sonyericcson hdset actually people who dont know how to operate with smartphone like nokia, stupid

  • Anonymous

Sony Ericsson is really making waves on the market.

1. xperia.
2. idou.
3. aino.
4. yari.
5. these nature friendly phones.

whats next?
xperia x2!!!

rock on sony ericsson. =)

  • useless phone

read my name

  • Nokia User

Guiness world records say: World's worst mobile phones made are sony ericcson...!lol

  • Erick

Now that people can purchase brand new devices SIM free very resonably that were company flagships less than a year ago for the same price as the latest low cost devices it appears very unwise for mobile device manufacturers to produce devices such as the Naito. Presumably it is only thanks to the carriers buying these in bulk and offering them as a contract package that these devices have any chance of selling. Anyone buying independently will have the knowledge and appreciation to realise that a flagship from less than a year ago bought reasonably is a great buy as opposed to these devices.

  • viper

Chris, 04 Jun 2009This better be eco-friendly economically as well for the en... moreHa ha ha ha!!!!! That was really good!!! ROFL

  • Anonymous

h0ping that it wil be available w0rld wide

  • Anonymous

Apps really are the make/break of mobile phones now...

IMO one of the biggest thing going for iphone (beside the logo) is the applicataions.

Regarding the Greenheart line... I'm really digging the Oceanwhite, and GingerRed-- I just hope that there's enough green-consumers out there. Too little attention is focused on how to reduce waste IMO. Lets hope this becomes more of a trend than it is now.

  • Chris

This better be eco-friendly economically as well for the end user, let's face it; wouldn't want to waste a lot of paper to buy it if it's crap!

  • hi-noon

smooth! Great simple phone with 5MP with Xenon sounds perfect.

  • D

Cool sonyericsson

  • Dani

Nice, I like the fact SE has introduced an 'AppStore' through PlayNow..

just what i wanted

  • Anonymous

Nice sony.. I like the c901 but just got a c510a