Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3 surfaces in India

01 September, 2014
The new handset is already in stock at one store in the subcontinent, and its launch seems imminent.

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  • girdhar

its phone is not good as compare to s dous 2..
is best S-dous 2 -7582 i will buy first choise

  • suvo

arpit, 13 Sep 2014very nice and best yes such a good phone in Samsung

  • any one

This mobile is very poor
s duos 2 the best

  • kalaythapa

all in 1 mircosoft Nokia is the best come 8.1 wondeo mircosoft phone v god internet v god

  • raj

this phone should increase ram

  • AnonD-319192

This phone is very bad
1.ram is 512 so it increase by 1 gb
2. Cpu only 1ghz with doul core so it incease by1.7 ghz with doul core
3. Add proximity and campass sensor
4. Increase bettary by 1500 to 2000 mAh
5.3D graphics are also very poor so large apps dont install so increase 3D graphics
6. after these upgrad in hardware this set price also increase under 8000-9000 Rs.

  • aadil

Plz increase the ram it will b better for the company.

  • ran

DANU, 23 Sep 2014increase the ramreyale good phone but batery charage very povar lo bat.......

  • sridhar

worst thing is that why the company has reduced ram. . plz increase it. it has only 465 mb is disgusting.

  • Anonymous

Is this phone US compatible?

  • DANU

increase the ram

  • Zell

Downgraded the RAM? S Duos1 has 768MB RAM.

  • aadi

buy LG Phones

  • Anonymous

wt's rate this mobile.

  • hardik

nice mobile

  • soma dedli

buy samsung galaxy good or bad tell me

  • arpit

very nice and best

  • ramu

nice phone


good workin good model

  • Almas Prince

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2014confuse which is better samsung s duos2 and samsung s duos 3 soo... moreHey go with Duos 3.Its suprbbbbbbbbb!