Symbian S60 powered Samsung B5100 pops up, worth a look

05 June, 2009
This is how a day in Rumorlandia goes. A rumor is spread. Then another. And so on. And here’s the latest. Th FCC website is source of yet another leak of an unannounced handset - the Samsung B5100...

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  • Anonymous

its not update.its asking a create a server profile asking?

  • sougi

camera is not nice ,no clarity

  • Max

Erick, 05 Jun 2009Whatever has happened to the Samsung i7110 that this articl... moreIt's been released a while ago, but pretty much under the radar, and only in a precious few places, like Germany. Since I'm no fan of touch-everything I liked it, got one, and never looked back; It does everything I need it to and quite well.

  • nick

yukkkkkk...ugly!! what were they thinking??

  • ace

from the specs, looks like samsung i550w ... in different shell ... :P

  • Anonymous

Looks like crap Nokia

  • Bogdan

it really is does not know how to make the looks like L700,U800,etc/./

  • Anonymous

Vincent, 06 Jun 2009Seems to me like a 2,6" screen... It's a pretty OK phone, b... more2.6 screen with a 3mp camera? i dont think so.
this phones gunna hopefully be pretty compact, im tippin a 2.2 maybeee 2.4 screen.
btw.. i think the phone looks dope.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2009Ugly as hellI dont think so... i look absolutely stunning

  • Anonymous

3mp... get a N82 instead

  • Anonymous

very nice phone at last it seems so, hope it gonna be less expensive than nokia

  • eddie

nothing special bout it plus the design is jus ugly.............

  • Anonymous

Looks like Samsung is serious about their s60 range - smartphones for the people. Coz not all of us can type on these new touch screens, we needs the good old number pad cos we actually have social lives, and friends to text. I still think SE UIQ is a better interface, but they screwed that one up with that awful G900! I hope this one comes to uae - because i have still to see the i7110, and i wanted that one oh soooo bad!!

  • dc

and after this phone to comment moto as ugly phone.

  • Anonymous

I don't know about you guys but I actually like the phone's design. This is how the Nokia E-series should like. A phone with an industrial design and metal finnish yet appearing subdued and very solid. The Samsung i7710 looks more rough and with poor detailing. Shame if this is just a rumor. I like the fact that it has built in DivX support. The third party app just doesn't make the cut.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2009Ugly as hellI double that!!! Very bad design! Companies keep stuffing their phones with high technology and forget the design.

  • kubiq

Cheap,good-looking phone with Symbian and Wi-Fi. Thats what I needed. :)

  • Anonymous

sorry i meant i7110 not I770

  • Anonymous

Yea why did't GSMarena do a Final I770 review... was it that bad?

you did't like the controls in the preview but than again you hated the N78, N79, N85 and N96 but still completed the review

  • Vincent

Seems to me like a 2,6" screen... It's a pretty OK phone, but I prefer i7710 both design-wise and spec-wise. Still, pretty nice phone, it'll probably be very affordable (250€ tops). My opinion, not necessarily true :)