Galaxy Alpha hits UK on Sept 12, Canada on 26, Germany - 29

09 September, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Alpha will cost £500 in UK, CA$ 699 in Canada, €565 in Germany.

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  • PhatFish
  • Yej
  • 09 Sep 2014

I hope this is an indicator for the exynos version of the Note 4 to be available in Europe as well.

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    • Anonymous
    • Yct
    • 09 Sep 2014

    For practically the same specs, you can get the Z3 Compact for much cheaper...

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      • 0r7
      • 09 Sep 2014

      @AmateurHistorian indeed!

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        • AnonD-183154
        • 9Aw
        • 09 Sep 2014

        Wow, that's some high price for a S4 with a metal band.

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          • sXk
          • 09 Sep 2014

          Just get a Galaxy S4 Advance of ebay for £300 or less!!!!!!

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            • WTB Alpha
            • 9xK
            • 09 Sep 2014

            No US date yet? Waaaahhhhh :(

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              • vV5
              • 09 Sep 2014

              Such slow poke, Alpha is already in Malaysia market for 2 weeks & merely sell for USD 600 without contact.

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                • n{S
                • 09 Sep 2014

                RejZoR, 09 Sep 2014What i don't understand is how "premium" material... moremetal frame is more expencive to procuce, samsung want's more money :) that easy

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                  • Mus
                  • Nra
                  • 09 Sep 2014

                  off topic : i didn't see gsmarena bash the galaxy Alpha price like it did with the lumia 830 ( calling it a moto G + some metal + some better camera with double of the price of moto G), even though there are some phones like the xperia Z1 compact that come with half of the price of the alpha with more specs including a metal frame as well , unlike the the lumia 830 which has much more specs than the (1 GB ram + S400) of the moto G like 4G, 16 GB mem , built in wireless charging, a stunning slim aluminum body, a Pureview OIS cam....etc. Not to mention it comes cheaper than the s5 mini and One mini 2 although they share the same internals of the moto G. How unprofessional!!!
                  anyway, the alpha is really a 100 pounds more that it should be, look at the z3 compact (which has much more specs). the z3 compact is certainly the compact flagship to have.

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                    • AnonD-283921
                    • HDK
                    • 09 Sep 2014

                    Can you get us Note 4 UK release date, or Pre-Order for UK or USA need this beast ASAP. Samsung haven't said anything. Get onto your tipsters plz.

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                      • Contract
                      • 3Jn
                      • 09 Sep 2014

                      This phone is clearly aimed at Apple iPhone users, especially the iPhone6 which is being announced today.

                      The leak by China Mobile the 4.7" iPhone6 remains at 8Mp

                      An earlier leak summer 2014 has the 4.7" iPhone6 starting at $850.

                      £500 equates to $806 so the Galaxy Alpha 32Gb will cost less than both the 16Gb ($44) and 32Gb versions.

                      The Alpha is rather expensive and will appeal more to "Apple fans" who are used? to pay these prices

                      Traditional "Samsung fans" may be put off by both the high price and the fact that the Alpha is only 32Gb NON EXPANDABLE.

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                        • RejZoR
                        • 3pt
                        • 09 Sep 2014

                        What i don't understand is how "premium" materials like metal aren't already standard on high end phones. Especially since they already extensively used metal on their Ativ and Wave ranges of devices (not even top end), yet their flagships are still all plastic. It's like wtf Samsung?

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                          • AnonD-252027
                          • Snu
                          • 09 Sep 2014

                          Much better display calibration than S5 (color reproduction)
                          Better camera color reproduction than S5 (bug rosines and oversaturate) and note 4 (sony sensor)
                          Better SoC
                          Perhaps better sound
                          Better materials
                          Better design

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                            • Shellshock
                            • ajP
                            • 09 Sep 2014

                            yeah baby