Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge German pre-orders launch

11 September, 2014
The smartphone is listed at nearly Ä1000 on Amazon, but other retailers have it for Ä699.

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  • AnonD-97279

Off topic...Other thing I have observed here lots of Indian are loyal to apple. Iam indian as well but what amazed me is that its not affordable phone neither worth the money in any conditions whether u are Manager or Wealthy Business man. But still few people just buy for status symbol... ironic isn't it

  • AnonD-97279

Back in 2007 I had bought Nokia N91 in RS. 24000 its like 50000 now. Which first of its kind Music centric phone. But worth my money as N91 Still king in Music quality

  • AnonD-123621

In my country even the snapdragon version price will drop to 550$ after 1 month.

  • AnonD-182768

People saw Apple event and want with any cost a Note 4 to be the coolest kid in the neighborhood (because other kids will have the "cheap" version of Note 4 aka iphone 6 plus).

  • mortuus

thats just too much for a phone thats not even water and dust proof like s5..

  • Techmaster

Or you could have a 2012 version of the apple 6+?
Id rather not thanks!

  • Sellu.

It is better if they start selling it.. samsung themselves donít know what they are doing. Please do some homework and bring a unique and better device not such craps.