Meet the Apple iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 3G is here to stay as well

08 June, 2009
Pretty much all the rumors regarding the new iPhone turned out true - the iPhone 3G S (S for Speed) has a compass and a 3 megapixel camera with video recording and a compass. The unexpected thing...

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  • me

first :P
btw another piece of garbage by apple

  • Altaf Patel

em so excited for iPhone 3GS and some new features like 3.2 mp cam with VGA 30 fps but wht about the file transfer via bluetooth and replacable battery

  • mogiro

the, completely useless.i expected an oled screen but it's the same useless crap.
i'll buy palm pre.

aplle will put a 5mp camera and a front side camera on on iphone 2013.

  • Nick

So much for an iPhone 3GS. Greatly dissapointed!! Obissously they just brought another 3G phone with na "S" on it with few minor updates! :( Love iPhone bu i think i will give this one a miss and go for something else.

  • zorkor

What was that Apple? What a waste of time if you ask me. Palm Pre, here i come.

  • Anonymous

Finally! i can't wait to have it in my hands. Although apple waited way too long for some features. This hardwareupdate and the iphone 3.0 OS make it the best phone, again.


  • Anonymous

what a BIG will loose a lot of potential clients with this 'upgrade' and 'new' iphone... I'm gonna look in the direction of Android

  • Anonymous

Erm, this phone came out last yr guys...?

  • The Lightbringer!

Great! They are releasing technology Sony Ericsson & Nokia released ages ago! I am really glad with my recent Sony Ericsson Xperia X1i purchase decision. One thing though, it is really great that this phone has universal voice command pre-loaded. I had to spend $40 on Microsoft Voice Command 1.6 to have that feature on my phone. Sigh!

  • lol

hahaha that sucks!

  • Paul

I Love the Iphone but For the last 2 Years all you Iphone users have been saying all other phones are copying the iphone & what does Apple do??????????????????????????????????????? Copy Android & add a digital compass.

Now all you Apple users STOP saying you are copying Iphone its not copying, how many touchscreen designs can there be..

  • McKenzie

When it comes to shops, I`m buying the old iPhone 3G because this phone is nothing spectacular.

  • SwagR


  • Anonymous

Dam that was a long wait! Finaly a new iphone! Im keen!

  • tang na mo


  • Shackled

Wait is there no AMOLED screen, because I was really interested in the increase in battery life from that tech, as well as it being a beautiful screen.

  • Zobi

I gonna buy. Thanks Steve Job!

  • benny hill

3mp camera and a compass!?!?! not worth upgrading to

  • Mac cock

what a waste - nothing worth upgrading to