Samsung E1107 Solar Guru is the first solar powered phone on sale

11 June, 2009
Samsung launched a solar powered phone but not the one you're thinking of. We're still waiting for the Blue Earth phone, but the solar pioneer will be a low-end handset - the Samsung E1107 Solar Guru...

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  • mallesh

my favarite mobile samsung E1107 i am prasent using mobile

  • Anonymous

Alex, 13 Jun 2009It's not really worth it. What I would do is buy a cheap ph... morebest idea ever

  • Anonymous

i am suggesting if it is possible to extend the talk time at 1hr for the next solar model......

  • chew

Wouldn't the heat from the sun heat up the phone excessively? Temp. out in the open in the tropics can be as high as 40+ Celsius.

  • Satyander

Best phone i have alredy used this phone

  • Jelly bean

Almon, 14 Jun 2009I think this whole saving the earth is overrated. We just h... moreAnd how do you think we'll get there? In our zimmer frames? I doubt you'll see more than ten countries in your life time, let alone a new planet - that has all the neccesities needed for basic life... Yeah, shall we just use and abuse this planet in the hopes that we might find that. Great solution, why are you not in politics?

  • goku

rin tin tin, 14 Jun 2009this may sound obvious, but if you cant afford electricity ... morein some countries even people who lived in a rural or squaters area they still have mobile phones they even have money to buy credits for their mobile phone rather than for food..

  • Anonymous

rin tin tin, 14 Jun 2009this may sound obvious, but if you cant afford electricity ... moreit may also be obvious to most that this has absolutely nothing to do with money saving from mininal amounts of energy...
but rather a hesitant but well aimeed step at green and convenient technology... which may eventually begin to save money too...

  • zugzug

Too bad my iphone 3g doesn't have a solar panel at the back. it's good feature.

  • rin tin tin

this may sound obvious, but if you cant afford electricity how are you going to afford a mobile phone & bill?? electricity is more important in rural/poorer areas!

  • Almon

I think this whole saving the earth is overrated. We just have to make it last long enough till we can find other planets and establish our space empire and join in alliance with other space faring empires.

  • Alex

It's not really worth it. What I would do is buy a cheap phone with similar phone function inc. radio etc. It only costs less than 30 pounds in UK. Then buy a solar charger with different adapters (plugs)so that it can charge all kinds of phones, even common batteries.

Advantage of my solution is: must faster charging, lower cost and environment friendly - one charger for all!

  • mixjapanese

actually i just wanted to say that this isnt really the first solar powered solar phone in the world. The first one was actually released by SHARP and its also water proof, only available for AU by KDDI.

  • me

i like it

  • nakic

E1107 is not the first solar powered phone on sale.
KDDI's SH002 (by Sharp) was sold June 4th in Japan.

I want one. But regrettably, this can only use in JPN.

  • Anonymous

so you need like 6 hrs of solar charge to get around 60 minutes!!!!

i guess this is a good start... just like when 1st mobiles started we used to have two batteries with us, when the first one is empty we put the second charged battery in (this is in 1 day)

good goin samsung

***although i am not a fan of samsung***

  • Nitin

In India u cant found

Electricity Everywhere so I

think it will b Rock d

Indian Market.

  • Sannu Kinnigoli

this phone one will remeember when all other phones one has cannot operate with out battery!!better as emergency situation specially when travel to Remote Regions...

  • Edge

I do remember a very old nokia, before the 3310, who had a battery with solar panel on it.

It wasn't sold with it, but you could find the modified battery though.

  • Vanna

jay, 11 Jun 2009although it's gonna b launched in eourope, i don't think an... moreJust who do you think you are?
everyone's phone won't do any better for camping or hiking like this phone. it's the best solution and keep coming more for this idea. your phone nowadays does nothing but to consume your time and money.