Samsung B7320 OmniaPRO and OmniaLite complete the tally

15 June, 2009
Two new members of the WinMo-running Omnia family complete the list of Samsung announcements for today. The Samsung B7320 OmniaPRO will appeal to heavy texters with a full QWERTY keyboard, while...

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  • Janet Auma

I love the B7320 handset but one thing i have issues with is that at times it reaches a point i can't recieve messages or send at all. So mostly i have to do location updates to revive the short messages service.

I would also like to ask, once i activate the pop email service, how do i deactivate it?

  • Anonymous

I bet Samsung has held an army of Martians captive and are getting these devices made in some underground Korean facility!! They cast lots to decide the nomenclature- Omnia, Pixon, Jet and next will b d Gadgezilla wid a 20 Mpx camera!

  • buzz me balls

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2009gsmarena is calling the B7320 the OmniaPro, two articles ea... moretwo different phones the others a 800 mhz soap bar with slide out keyboard

  • Lanre

Nowadays, to buy a samsung omnia phone, I believe one will need a product cataloge enumerating specifications for the different phones so that you won't end ur buying the wrong one. I bet Samsung staff itself musce gettig a little confused. So much phones, and so alike.

  • samsung

samsung so busy releasing 10 mobiles per week....don't stop....

  • LG&SE fan

actually SS is not a bad company and there products are good
but i want to ask .....
do they plan to have Omnia with nuts or choclate and milk in the future .....
hehehehe ...

  • Anonymous

gsmarena is calling the B7320 the OmniaPro, two articles earlier they called the B7610 the Omnia Pro, What is it?

  • .homee

Samsung is sprouting all kinds of omnia-type phones these days. The market will be glutted.

  • Anonymous

i think i could explain why is samsung seems flooding the phone market with loads of their phones. With merely playing around with the Name OMNIA. the reason being, many people had opt for typical specs but different OS.

THUS, samsung is granting everyone wish by making similar phone with similar specs but with different OS. WM, Android, Symbian, Their own dedicated OS. isnt it what you guys have hoped for?

  • Anonymous

go samsung, with ur army of omnias, wipe the market! but i dont realy like the idea of using the same name in every phones lol

  • libyan

I think this kind of thinking is not the right way
each three or four days we see new samsung
phone. it is not by quantity but by quality and how to produce phones covers all levels high, mid and lowend "just look how Nokia success in this field"

  • Jacques

WTF!? Samsung is flooding the market! No one is safe. I fear to think how many people their mobile devision employs. They are dominating the headlines on gsmarena. But nowhere else.

  • Anonymous


  • GidroDox

OmniaTHIS OmniaTHAT... soon wewill have like OmniaPRO-HD-Lite-II-12MP

And wtf did they call 2 phones OmniaPro... don't they find that confusing?

  • stab116

I think there is a mistake: GSMArena says that the OmniaPro will have WinMo 6.1 Pro, but that is impossible since the Samsun Jack has WinMo 6.1 Standard and the Pro version is only for touchscreen phones.
Anyway, it's interesting to see how Samsung attributes the Omnia name to many types of phones, not only high-end multimedia devices

  • Anonymous

This is like the i780 replacement but with the "Omnia" name. That is cheap!!!

I had the i780, and I still have the Omnia i900. This year 2009 there ain't much major hardware upgrade. Just think of Samsung selling knock off during the rececession. It is dirt cheap!!!

  • Anonymous

Samsung produces a phone everyday !!!