Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launches in two days, hits 140 countries

24 September, 2014
Pricing of the Galaxy Note 4 is around $920 SIM-free and pre-orders in Korea are already sold out.

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  • Rebecca

When would it be released in Malaysia?
Samsung rocks

  • AnonD-312428

when this will be available in india???

AnonD-295223, 25 Sep 2014i like this debate, since it is an easy one, simplicity is there... moreLet's put some facts here:

Apple did not invented multi-touch, look here:

Apple did not invented graphical user interface either, that belongs to Xerox

Apple is not the first company to use NFC as a pay device, see Google wallet, like 2 years ago...

User experience is up to the taste of the particular user, personally I don't like ios because many reasons, but that doesn't mean is good or bad.

Samsung is a Korean brand for a huge diversified company wich in one of its divisions make mobile phones, which by the way it is not their more profitable business. Personally I don't like their software on top of android, but that doesn't mean is crap, there should be people liking it.

Apple air tv is as simple as many other brands, samsung has that, Sony also has that, even lg has it. I have a Sony phone and smart tv and it is hassle free.

Even Chinese phones have digital TV tuners in their phones, which none of the "good brands" have and that should be an innovation... Will wait for Apple to include it on their iphone so we can call that innovative...

So please don't write "in general" without know for sure.

  • Sylvester20007

AnonD-295223, 25 Sep 2014i like this debate, since it is an easy one, simplicity is there... moreI'll reply to you in the morning (in about 9 hours) as I don't care to do it on my phone, but I'll say this, while I don't denie what you are saying to true, it would seem that a lack of familiarity of each others platforms is going to be the root cause of this debate, I can do all you have said with just as much ease on Android / Samsung. Your derogatory comments regarding Samsung are a little childish and without justification. And to close for the moment I will say this. Apple pay is not revolutionary, Google did it with Google wallet with limited success but I am the first to say that if anyone can make it take off then it's apple, they made the tablet a success almost single handedly largely credited to Steve.

The rest I'll cover in the morning.

Good night.

  • Sylvester20007

Realist, 25 Sep 2014I'm a fan of technology, I have both a windows PC and a Mac, I'v... moreEasy, take a look at how many computers run Windows compared with mac OSX. if for the sake of argument Microsoft were to vanish it would have an epic effect on the world, while I can quote an exact percentage, it's safe to say that the digital world would fall into chaos compared with the reverse as Apple account for a single digit % in the office space of desktop computing and servers. Once again, valuable and most lucrative are to very different things my friend as I'm sure you can understand. Is what I have said not a fair comment?

  • Anonymous

Realist, 25 Sep 2014I'm a fan of technology, I have both a windows PC and a Mac, I'v... moresame here. I use Mac pro and window 7 70-30 % and have iPhone 5, GS3 (in cupboard after 4.3 update) and tab s8.4.
All are good in someway so I try to have the best of both world.
I would say I like my Mac book the most but feels more productive on window 7 (win 8 sucks could not get used to it until the 8.1)
iPhone 5 for my primary phone and tabs 8.4 for my entertainment and secondary phone....

  • AnonD-295223

AnonD-307714, 25 Sep 2014OMFG Drashad, I can't believe you said this, you have made my da... morei like this debate, since it is an easy one, simplicity is there cause apple's R&D proved people want that, easy answer.

yes reliability, this bending thing is a propaganda, bending something by force or by sitting on it does not mean it is not durable, cause the tests out there have proven iphone 6 is the most durable. plus, u can easy google and see who has the highest rate of customer satisfaction.

functionality, shows clearly your lack of knowledge of IOS, NFC was implemented for a revolutionary service, apple pay, while androids use it for file transfer by bumping devices together, apple uses it to replace your insecure credit card (think about it for a minute, seriously), as for bluetooth and wifi, there are no limitations there, IOS devices can share files using AirDrop, and u have social apps like whatsapp and line to share with other platforms.

i'll give a small example, if u go into a room where there is an apple tv, open your phone and u will see an airplay icon just popped up, press it and ur phone is now mirrored to your tv, no need to pair or set up anything, it just works on it's own, and that is what apple is all about, simple but yet revolutionary.

as for personal and intimate, dude i don't have to explain my self there. if u think my social life sucks cause i carry an iphone that's up to u lol. but i'll give a small hint maybe your brain will function right about this, when i said extension, i simply meant my device is very personal, u know why ? because when using it u can easily figure that the people who made it had one goal, end user experience, the simplicity and elegance and how easy things just work on its' own is something beyond explaining, and something beyond android, and by the way, IOS was based on MAC OSX, which was based on unix, but still it is a stand alone technology, apple build it's own software and the hardware is just there to complement it, the real innovation is in the software, while if it wasn't for google, who is also a software and services company, and apple's multitouch, samsung would still be designing toilet shaped phones today (LOL).

bottom line is, the real players in the game are apple and google, samsung is just a trespasser, and i have to say i respect what google have done alot, but to my taste, IOS gives better experience...

  • AnonD-295223

AnonD-307714, 25 Sep 2014You keep banghing on about the most valuable company in the enti... moredude go google it and see who is the most valuable company in the world

  • Realist

AnonD-307714, 25 Sep 2014You keep banghing on about the most valuable company in the enti... moreI'm a fan of technology, I have both a windows PC and a Mac, I've had iPhone in the past but now have a note 3 with a Note 4 on the way, so Im in no Apple fanboy by any means, but how about you give some back up to your claim of Mircosoft being worth more than Apple. You're going to have a difficult time doing so because it is simply untrue.

  • AnonD-307714

AnonD-295223, 24 Sep 2014well, what i get from apple products is simplicity, reliability,... moreOMFG Drashad, I can't believe you said this, you have made my day and I am going to dissect you piece by piece now.

"well, what I get from apple products is simplicity, reliability, design, functionality, elegance, and intimacy."

Yes its simple, so where is the R&D costs we spoke about if its so simple, this Simplicity you talked about is something that has been ongoing for many years of refinement, it has no quantifiable reason to effect the price of your dearest iPhone 6.

Reliability, Someone has already said this since you posted but its weak as cardboard, it bends in your pocket, how is that reliable in anyway, what happens when you take it out one day and its bent and has effected a link between the speaker or mic to the point where you can make a phone call, almost every part connects to the main PCB using either fixed connectors or spring loaded contacts that at some point will loose contact if the degree of the bend is too great. Not to mention if the PCB breaks a contact line due to stress on the etched PCB, the metal used on the boar is only a few microns thick, it doesn't like being flexed. Where is your reliability now?

Functionality is something you don't get with Apple,
Yes you get NFC and Bluetooth and Wifi but Apple stop you using it for all of its possible uses for no other reason than they because they says so. NFC can be used for setting up a AD-HOC peer to peer wifi link to share files faster than Bluetooth but they say that you can only use it for Apple Pay, that seems like a waste of possible function. Bluetooth was not for the longest time supported for more than a headset, no internet sharing over it for your laptop, not even to send each other pictures. Its not got any function their either, Can you even send pictures over Bluetooth yet (honest question, not looked into it recently)?

Elegance, Ok, Apple are Elegant but this is not really a point for contestation as its highly subjective.

Intimacy, Dude, they don't have IP 67 or IP68 certification yet so I would be careful with it as bodily fluids can be just as conductive and damaging as water to a phone.

"what u guys fail to understand is that both platforms does almost the same things,"

At what point did we show that we failed to understand, I have in many posts pointed out that the devices are both build on the back of someone else's work (unix / Linux) Android does much more than Apple as stated above in the Functionality section.

the difference is how the thing feels, with apple products u get a wierd connection, the device is just too personal, and too valuable to u, apple has amazing engineers, it's not just a phone, it's an extension to your personality...

How it feels in your hand and to you is once again subjective, I think you have a far too personal bond with your phone, its probably unhealthy. Maybe you have only digital friends and this is why you are so attached to your digital friend, its been with you for so long, its what keeps you going I dare say.
The day a phone becomes an extension of my personality, I will start to take stock of my life because a personality is something that comes from within and should not be reflected in a device that 10 million other people have....iSheep anyone?

I can live without my phone, I go away for a weekend to a place where I cant get a mobile signal without driving for 40 min to a more populated area. You need to learn to disconnect in this day and age or you will become a mindless automaton.

  • AnonD-307714

AnonD-307714, 25 Sep 2014You keep banghing on about the most valuable company in the enti... moreEdit, they are not greater than the sum of their parts.

  • AnonD-307714

AnonD-295223, 24 Sep 2014sapphire is used to cover the rear camera and touch ID, i pointe... moreHere you go again with the "Valuable", they are not an integral part of our world, maybe yours but not mine or many other peoples.

You never said a damb thing about Touch ID or rear camera, maybe in your mind you were thinking about this but it was never written so don't try to back track on a knee jurk of a comment that was said without you even checking.

If Apple used anything less than sapphire glass on the touch ID then I would be shocked as clarity is paramount in optical scanning and a scratch on the surface would render your sensor useless and risk locking you out of the device if you forgot your pin.

Once again, using sapphire glass on the camera lens is sensible but considering the quality of the sensor, not really that helpful. If Apple really cared about its customers they would have used this glass on the screen to help avoid it breaking in the event of being dropped, but their is no money to be made from replacements of a screen that is much stronger. Apple has made millions in profit from the replacement of broken screen alone, why would a company who likes high profits seek to remove such a profitable line of income? Samsung use Gorilla Glass as does HTC and LG to name a few because it is stronger and will better stand the test of time. That is because they want their customers to have the best experience, when a screen breaks, it can have a detrimental effect to return business because the customer is left with a $900 paper weight in some cases without spending more to get it fixed. Apple don't care because you will probably buy another iPhone because you have sunk god knows how much money into the App store and cant take those apps to another manufacture because of the closed nature of apples OS. Android gives you the freedom to move from LG to Sony to Asus to HTC to Samsung without having to buy all your apps again. This is why Samsung, HTC and others try harder to make their device the best because there is nothing to stop you changing to another Android maker.

It's this kind of platform that truly inspires innovation, not a platform based on the fact you are invested in it and will sooner buy again than cut your losses.

  • Cherrio

You put the note 4 currency in dollars, but then the note edge in pounds?? Where are we? Did the queen finally take over Canada? Did I step into a Dr. Who telly booth?

  • AnonD-307714

AnonD-295223, 24 Sep 2014i didn't say it is lies, i said it is plain stupid, u are caling... moreYou keep banghing on about the most valuable company in the entire world but they are not, Microsoft Alone is worth more than Apple, FACT. If Apple were to disappear tomorrow the world would not end, to describe them as Valuable is not accrete. A rain forest is valuable as far as our little world is concerned. Apple are one of the most lucrative is what you are trying to say. Get a grip you iPhone touting tit, they are greater than the sum of their parts.

  • Anonymous

This phone is the best phone in the world but still price is eexpensive so after 6 months could get better price.

  • AnonD-109004

Holy mother!! 140 countries?? I think note can rake up much more sales within a week. And m sure people who has bought iPhone 6+ just for 5.5" screen aare gonna regret:p

  • Jovan

AnonD-295223, 24 Sep 2014well, what i get from apple products is simplicity, reliability,... moreAre you really that ignorant? After Apple created the bending issue for the new iPhone, you're still praising them like that? Or what? You think the bendgate happen by itself? Or the antennagate? Or the chippingate? If you would just open your eyes a little, then you'd definitely be able to see how all of those happen because Apple is so greedy and so profit oriented that even after making the specs of the iPhones as low as possible with some fancy gimmicks like retina display and 64 bit processor to keep their fans occupied, they're still trying to reduce production cost to the point that they used cheap material or cheap processing. Just stop fooling yourself and making yourself look even more miserable, stop giving Apple the impression that what they did is not that wrong, except if that's what you're really intending to do all along.

  • Sifi

AnonD-295223, 24 Sep 2014well, what i get from apple products is simplicity, reliability,... moreApple is good. It is so flexible and it curves according to your ASS.

  • VerlandersPhone

AnonD-295223, 24 Sep 2014well, what i get from apple products is simplicity, reliability,... moreWhat? Did you just say you get intimacy from your phone?!?!

This is going WAY too far!

  • AnonD-255443

AnonD-295223, 24 Sep 2014of course, when u buy premium, and tests have shown it's the mos... moreRubbish. The recent bend tests disprove that. Not to mention that the Galaxy S5 survived multiple tests where it was run over by a car with zero damage. The iPhone 6 Plus can't even sit in a pocket with zero damage.