Android L build for Samsung Galaxy S5 gets previewed

02 October, 2014
Although it can't be installed yet, you can see what Samsung's version of Android L looks like.

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  • AnonD-315011

Well thats very nice that samsung has a preview version of android L, but why statusbar is still black and not matches the colour of programs (statusbar tint), and in the video there is so many lags on TouchWiz UI!!!
Well I hope the final version of android L will be better,
some of the features of android L already implemented in LG G3 and HTC one m8 such as recent apps and status bar tint and lock screen, the important thing is which company implements the new kernel build 3.10 codes and final ART Runtime feature completely into their Roms.

  • AnonD-13678


  • AnonD-249509

Why does everyone keep on rejecting 3D icons with a shadow? First Apple, now Android. Aren't 3D icons nicer?

  • Anonymous

Anonym, 03 Oct 2014You got yourself confused with Apple and iCloud.GSMArena strangely silent on the iPhone 6 SGS5 and HTC One M8 multitasking face off.

Samsung embarrassed by HTC's performance, running circles around it.

The culprit for SGS5 poor performance? TouchWiz

  • samsungboy

Where are you haters? :) Samsung already developing android L on their flagship. Where is this sony glasscr@ap of a phone? Where is the htc one m8 the build quality king? Where is LG with their useless backbuttons? Thats wassup!!! UP SAMSUNG

  • xxx

I must admit touchwiz is getting boring but its still the best ui out there. So many functions and features unlike other customise and stock android os. Ive tried sony, lg and htc. touchwiz still the most feature rich os.

  • AnonD-197278

Stop complaining guys... its not the final build... u wont feel it the same wen it comes out within 2 months...

  • dododo

Hey, it's me, L Tacky!

Samsungs UI design is a lot like its hardware design.

All shiny and cheap-looking, for all the tacky people.

Go with the real L. Go with iOS. Both are better than this.

  • TheAndroidPT

Some of you guys are complaining for nothing. The hit on battery life will be negligent. First, android L is great on battery, hell the preview does great on my nexus 5. Amoleds do excel for dark colors but they still have great savings when it comes to power consumptions. Plus how many of you really spend extended amount amounts of times in the settings menu? Use a dark wallpaper, or root and throw some themes as Im sure there will be a theme engine implemented in custom roms. Plus I'm willing to bet that a lot of the apps you guys use now have white and/or bright backgrounds. So lets just chill with this battery drain thing.. be happy samsung is finally doing something different

  • Luke5119

I LOVE the idea behind the materialistic design of Android L, which is already present more or less in the LG G3 UI. My only concern is that not all app developers will follow suit. By that I mean you will have some apps that have a 3D look, and others with a flat look, which defeats the whole point of a "flat UI". I had the same problem years ago with my jailbroke iPhone and custom icon packs, it didn't have an icon for every app, so it would look weird.

  • AnonD-303125

I hope we can get back dark theme. This white theme waste some battery and hurt eyes.... I prefer black!
I've a S3 with Samsung ROM KK, but Xperia theme still best, for me.

  • Anonymous

Is it just me or the interface really looks like Asus' Zenphone ...

  • AnonD-278667

the lg g3 ui has most of those features already.ahh!

  • Anonymous

Just change theme , tadaa ! New android come out ~~~

  • AnonD-265153

"That's a lot of improvements. Go Samsung you are number 1!" Said Samsung Fanboys.

In my opinion, this is pretty much the same thing, not much of an improvement, only under the latest version of Android which is the L 4.5/5.0 .

  • Anonymous

Samsung should get rid of Touchwiz. It lost embarrassingly to iPhone 6 in the Cult of Android multitasking test, and even to the HTC M8.­itasking-speed-test-destroys-concerns-1gb-ram/

  • Anonym

Tim, 02 Oct 2014Better they do something about the security problems with Androi... moreYou got yourself confused with Apple and iCloud.

  • bigangelo

When I ll get the andriod l for my glaxy s5

  • Anonymous

roland58, 02 Oct 2014I actually like that Samsung is making a brighter theme UI for t... moreWhile dark is much better for Amoled battery life...As the browser tests show Amoled screens still can outmatch or perform around the same mark as LCD. Which means they are actually very efficient.

  • AnonD-314379

roland58, 02 Oct 2014I actually like that Samsung is making a brighter theme UI for t... moreDo u know that android L will improve battery life 30%.. And u are not in the setting all of time so it will not reduce battery life