Nokia N97 finally gets N-gage support, 5800 XM still not there

22 June, 2009
This weekend Nokia N97 was finally listed among the compatible N-gage devices bringing a bunch of high-quality games to the large touchscreen display of Nokia flagship. Unfortunately, Nokia 5800 XM...

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  • bijay

how can install n-gage game in nokia n97 mini

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Apr 2011Please guys, where can I get the n-gage softwareLG 240 400 mobilus

  • blaze.striker

I have n gage it works in my nokia n97 and mini also

  • oprano

how can i get n-gage for my N97

  • Anonymous

Please guys, where can I get the n-gage software

  • moody

hi,the n-gage on my n97 dosnt install any game neither directley or by downloading,it says file corrupted and many errors :s what should i do,note:i hacked my system 2 days ago i dont know if thats bad for the n-gage software!

  • satya

i downloaded game from n gage! but game still not thre...wen i found the game i open takes me to n gage opening folder....wat to do!


my nokia n97 firmware 21.0.45
when intalling n gage games in ngage application it is showing file corrupted...?
plz help

  • raymond o

do you still think ngage will come out on nokia 5530

  • granville

lloost, 27 Jul 2009agree with many of these comments i had a v1 iphone i pai... morewer can i get full n-gage games for nokia n97

  • lloost

agree with many of these comments
i had a v1 iphone i paid sky high for N97
AND IM VERY DISAPPOINTED with nokia careless attitude
resistive already get on my nerves plus many apps unavailable i feel 3gs would have been better

  • addy

I still can't get n-gage loaded on my N97 have tried everything. All help is welcome .

  • oh yes

just installed ngae application today on my nokia at last. OH YES BABY.

  • Anonymous

i have n97 aswell, just tried 2 instal ngage and it is uncompatible, it wont install after downloading, a bit disapointing concidering my old n95 had it preinstalled...

  • Robin

Direct download from Nokia, download from within the phone as official download, works fine...

use the phone update function

  • Anonymous

not working

  • tvn

n-gage will not install on n97..Nokia should do a much better job supporting its supposed flagship phone. I am going to trade this in for Iphone.

  • m

it is NOT compatible! I have the n97 (brilliant device) and i downloaded the latest installer directly from Ngage. I got loads of incompatibility warnings and then the 'unable to install - device not compatible' notification. Where did this information come from? Because it is WRONG!

  • Anonymous

5800, 24 Jun 2009HAHAHA. Yes, i totally agree that the preinstalled racing g... moreTry switching your profile to general

  • Rich

Is n-gage working on the n97 yet? Some people have it working and some do not..? How is this possible..?