Unlocking the Sony Xperia Z3 bootloader degrades camera

03 October, 2014
Low-light performance and noise reduction algorithms are affected after bootloader unlock.

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  • bree

not easy phone

  • AnonD-315428

As far as I was aware, the 32gb version of the Z3 which is the D6616, that only seems to be exclusively available from T-Mobile USA is the one coming with a locked bootloader? 32gb internal memory would have been really very helpful for me. Is this issue with the bootloader prevalent in all units? Including, the 16gb sim-free unlocked versions sold by other retailers? I do recall having a bit of degradation on the camera's image quality of my Z1 after I had the bootloader unlocked, rooted and eventually, swapped to some custom ROMs. It might not have been the best camera around, but it still seemed better than average compared to other phones of that range at that time. It still had a wider lens and larger resolution. I'm aware that the camera unit on the Z3 has had quite a few improvements from what it used to be on the Z1.

Reasons why I tend to like the Z3 is because it seems more of a better overall package rather than being the best in one particular aspect. Well, it might be the best in water resistance. While the LG G3 has thinner bezels and the QHD screen, battery-life and the non-resistance to dust and water becomes an issue. HTC M8 probably has the best audio quality with the dual speakers and overall best build quality, as well, but it's camera's resolution can become an issue. I find the Samsung S5 unappealing due to the overall design and the build quality and the issues with its battery-life. You get the idea.

  • Anonym

sickly, 03 Oct 2014My Xperia m even just rooted then after flash is not workin... moreApples to oranges. Compare your Xperia M to a Lumia 520 and you will quickly realize they both have crap cameras.

  • Anonym

mixa, 04 Oct 2014DRM keys were always lost, since the NXT series, upon unloc... moreHey Mr. "Know-it-All", why haven't you alerted everyone about the link between DRM keys and the camera?
That is the actual news and I'm sure as hell no one ever made that connection before! -- we only knew it should be related to Bionz, not DRM.

  • yow

To sony, better offer your products pre rooted so that we will have no problems anymore. You guys already know that its gonna be a problem soon. Why not fix it before you launch the phone. Tssss!

DRM keys were always lost, since the NXT series, upon unlocking the bootloader via the official Sony service.

You can of course backup the trim area and later relock the bootloader and restore TA and you have your DRM keys back, along with working Bravia/XR/Bionz and so on.

So take this as late news, that no one cares of anymore.

well still no worries guys.. devs are working hard for that matter! my Z1 has a locked bootloader and cannot be unlocked.. but I rooted it in such condition and i didn't loose my DRM keys ;)

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Read the news before commenting.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Please read the news before commenting.

  • CAli

[deleted post]Get a grip mate...
Sony.Rocks buy unlocked version!

  • Anonymous

always stupid protective/drm moves from sony. They're damaging an otherwise excellent phone

  • Anonymous

AnonD-144774, 03 Oct 2014uhhh so you can root your phone And install custom roms...

  • sickly

My Xperia m even just rooted then after flash is not working low quality, low light and red eye effect is increased more. I'm very disappointed with camera quality even flash is not working. Lumias are much better if you go for camera comes with pure view technology and Carl zeiss optics.

  • AnonD-144774

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2014What is the point of Unlocking the bootloader ? uhhh so you can root your phone

  • AnonD-52738

AnonD-69919, 03 Oct 2014If it's about DRMs this probably affects Z1 Compact as well... moreNo point relocked back, once erase it is permanent, relocked back won't return those erase key.

  • AnonD-196068

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2014"You do realize 2 years from now the problem will be t... moreSimples! Common sense. The fact they have stated it is an issue and they don't support the scenario officialy means it will never be officialy fixed, thus it will remain.

  • Anonym

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2014"You do realize 2 years from now the problem will be t... moreFortune telling is assuming some magical solution will arise to a very real and BY DESIGN problem, which Sony is making damn sure to tell you about.

Maybe you know more about how to make Bionz work and aren't sharing it with the rest of the world?
Yeah, we are talking about hardware -- not software.

  • AnonD-69919

If it's about DRMs this probably affects Z1 Compact as well. I can't say if it does because I unlocked the bootloader ages ago. Maybe I'll try relocking, update with Sony companion thingy and make samples. Unlock it again and make samples again (and install xmod again too).

Another thing: are those algorithms something like camera drivers or will a camera app like FV-5 work it around?

  • AnonD-314379

Sony is always behind samsung..galaxy are the best phone in android

  • farbod

AnonD-278385, 03 Oct 2014YES, This has been an issue for a while now with some Sony ... moreWill the quality improve and the noise decrease after relocking the bootloader???