Xiaomi Mi 4 and Redmi Note to land in India within 60 days

13 October, 2014
There's finally a vague release time frame to speak of for the highly anticipated smartphones.

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  • Neutron

I request and beg all the mi team plz release note 4 in india i am eagerly waiting 4 tht... And plz launch it soon. i luved the phone vry much.. And plz give any fixed date.. and plz any one can give reply to my question it 7 a humble request to all.

  • jiks

I wan redmi note 2 prime

  • Anonymous

MI4 , 64 GB in India coming soon Date ?

  • JIJO

Lucky to enough i gt the mi3 i have been using it for mre than 6-7 mnths, the ui is beautiful, the camera and battery exceptional, the only phone i wud trade for even upto Rs. 30000 smartphones is the mi4 nothin else comes close to the phones performance. I had dropped the phone and had to replace the screen, an ips lcd is 8000 BUCKS. ND GT IT REPLACED from the service centre within 2days so no big deal. If u use the phone carelessly you will pay the price so the 8000 rs extra money is my fault. Waiting for the mi4 and the controversies surrounding xiaomi to end.

  • AnonD-347638

When will get mi4?

  • onu

hello everyone I heard that the govt.of Indi has banned the Xiaomi Products in India Because the Xiaomi Where putting tracking device nd sending in India to gather the info....is this True

  • AnonD-345815

I wan mi4 phone

  • revanth charan

Why this much of late for landing MI4 in india??????

  • Bhupi

When will Xiaomi Mi5 launch in India...

  • AnonD-287036

Please launch 64GB model because, we are in 21st century and today memory is really very cheap.

So, its a humble request to Xiaomi team which is working for India Project and please launch it soon.

  • AnonD-338877

please launche 64gb mi4 in india

  • Anonymous

go for mi 5

  • ravi bhushan

Do not buy xiomi products they are giving grat specs at low price but the tradeoff is screen quality is not good if you drop your phone scrren will stop respnding,I am facing the problem after buying Xiomi redmi.They are charging the price of repairing as much as anew mobile.

  • akash

boss..i reallyyy wanna buy mi4 64 gb on 1st day...i dont care abt its price...but im eagerly waiting for its launch in india...wen is it going to launch??

  • Saud

please launch it fast iam wating for mi 4!!!

  • Anonymous

Am waiting for xiaomi mi4, when will launch in india pls .......

  • sunder

rahul, 17 Oct 2014one of the worst services.. suddenly my phone showedup no sim c... moreI had the same problem with no SIM card .I emailed to clipart regarding this issue.they called me and asked me to hand over the phone to their courier service.I am highly thankful for flipkart they replaced and dispatched with new one.it is working so well.thanks to flipkart.

  • ranjith

AnonD-329716, 10 Nov 2014any one can tell the exact date for releasing MI4?decenber 25 to 31

  • akmr

Jigs_84, 13 Oct 2014Already have a mi3 at home. Looking forward to getting the mi4 s... moreLucky to get a MI3....its a great phone....keep up the good work Xioami. Am looking forward for MI4 in india

  • Anonymous

i eagerly waiting for mi4 and what is the price of mi4