Motorola Nexus 6 listing appears on AT&Tís website

15 October, 2014
The next Nexus smartphone is expected to debut as early as today alongside the HTC Nexus 9 tablet.

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  • x

German price leaked for nexus 6, 650 ????
936$ in Canada!!!!????

  • AnonD-283617

I'm about to cream myself waiting on AT&T to open their order page

  • AnonD-125931

"Motorola" Nexus 6 with a huge "Lg" logo ... Seems legit.. Big fail

  • AnonD-171857

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2014Whay Google, whay choice Motorola? This is Big Fail 5.9. My Go... moreDo you know how to speak English?

  • AnonD-296725

Looks like a tablet. Too big ! Nowadays bigger screen is innovation i guess. Should've just stay at nexus 5 size and improve on other things.

  • brassmonk

wot, 15 Oct 2014well seeing as they own it!as i recall google sold off motorola to lenovo earlier this year minus some key patents

  • Anonymous

Google is actually taking steps setting itself up against Open-source Android bizarrely enough:­1/google-damages-open-source-android/

  • Anonymous

Almost bought the Note 4, but now have to wait and see...

  • wot

[deleted post]well seeing as they own it!

  • poopedmypants

as above

  • Anonymous

Whay Google, whay choice Motorola?
This is Big Fail 5.9.
My God...

  • 617

AnonD-308504, 15 Oct 2014Samsung is not going to be happy about this. Sammy has nothing to fear. The rest of the world are still "catching up" and certainly NOT passing SAMSUNG in spec's.

  • AnonD-186680

Hello Moto... Should be a great device. Lets hope the camera is good too.

  • someone

God damn, we're nearly there... My excitement is red lining...

  • AnonD-308504

Samsung is not going to be happy about this.

  • exe

could debute today. october 15th.