Next gen iPhone won’t feature NFC support

14 March, 2011

There's always been immense speculation surrounding the next generation iPhone - will it feature that or the other, will it have a bigger display, will it have a better camera, etc. And now that the iPad 2 is out, we're actually seeing some of the hardware to power the next iPhone too.

The Independent claims that the next iPhone won't have an NFC chip contrary to initial rumors. NFC stands for Near Field Communication, which basically enables your device to make really-short distance transactions just by waving it in front of a NFC reader.

The transactions can be various types - from paying your bus fair, through buying a snack at McDonalds to even checking in in Foursquare. It's all possible thanks to the NFC technology and when you combined it with a readily programmable NFC chip such as the one in a smartphone, it has the potential to revolutionize how we make those microtransactions in our daily lives.

The reason for the lack of NFC in the next iPhone seems to be that Apple are concerned that there is no clear standard for NFC across the industry. Another rumor suggests Apple is in the process of making its own NFC-driven technology. This way or the other, NFC is not coming to the iPhone 5.

This cannot be confirmed, though, so take it with a pinch of salt.

We guess more and more information will surface on the next-gen iPhone as time passes. Only three months stand between the rumors and the unveiling of the next-gen iDevice, so stay tuned.



Reader comments

  • deep space bar

nothing wrong with my native browser LOL most N8 or symbian users use the stock browser or opera and it's not laggy at all PR1.1 fixed that but what do you know since you base it of old info

  • AnonD-291

Thats right all Symbian web browsers are the same: Laggy, Slow, Unusable, bad UI, etc. Most of N8 users are forced to use alternate browsers. I think nokia should pay millions to apple/google to help them make better browsers...LOL...otherwise they s...

  • AnonD-1825

New symbian browser I really can't see any difference, so laggy and slow, very bad performace.

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