Next version of Bixby to be unveiled next week

Peter, 12 October 2017

Despite being featured on millions of devices, Bixby has to be one of Samsung’s least popular products. The company has appointed a new leader of the company’s AI efforts, Chung Eui-suk, and in a few days Samsung will unveil the next major version of the digital assistant.

The major change in Bixby 2.0 is that it will support third-party services and will expand beyond smartphones. These things are not part of v1.0 since the team ran out of time (even then they missed the launch of the Galaxy S8 in the US).

Next version of Bixby to be unveiled next week

Anyway, going beyond phones probably includes a smart speaker and Bixby support for Samsung Smart TVs (the competing Google Assistant is already available on Android TV).

The next revision of Bixby will be showcased on October 18 at Samsung’s Developer Conference.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Yeah, add the IR-blaster instead. Far more useful and works in any language. :-)

  • Anonymous

No we don't. Only the fools or the ones influenced by advertising buy that phone. Not to mention that not every Samsung had bixby.

To much saturation of AI assistants, it is good that Samsung expanding its capabilities, but I don't see how it is better than competition

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