Nintendo announces new Switch variant with OLED display

Prasad, 06 July 2021

Nintendo today announced a new version of the Switch console. The new variant, simply called Nintendo Switch (OLED model), features an updated display, increased storage, improved speakers, and a better design.

Nintendo announces updated switch with OLED display

The main new feature here is the 7-inch OLED display. This is a bump up from the 6.2-inch IPS LCD on the standard model, although both feature the same 1280x720 resolution.

The OLED model also features a redesigned kickstand at the back. Unlike the small strip on the standard model, the OLED model features a wide flap that is sturdier and can be adjusted to multiple positions.

Nintendo announces updated switch with OLED display

Another improvement is to the audio. Nintendo doesn't exactly mention what's changed other than stating that the audio from the bottom-firing stereo speakers is now enhanced over the standard model.

The dock that comes with the OLED model has also been updated. It now includes an integrated LAN port, so you can get more reliable wired connectivity when playing in docked mode. This dock is sold separately and should be compatible with the standard model as well.

In case you are wondering what's new on the inside, there's not much to talk about. The only difference here is the presence of 64GB of internal storage, double that of the standard model. The OLED model still has the same Nvidia Tegra X1 SoC that the Switch has always had, so don't expect games to run any better here.

Aside from these changes, this is still the same as the standard Switch that all of us are now familiar with. This means it supports all of the same games and accessories, and also has the same rated battery life as the standard model.

Nintendo announces updated switch with OLED display

The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) is priced at $350 and will be available starting October 8. It will be available in the standard Neon Red/Neon Blue set and also an exclusive White set. It will be sold alongside the standard Switch ($300) and Switch Lite ($200).



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Not even a small clock speed bump after all these years? Lame.

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