Nintendo breaks App Store record with Super Mario Run

Prasad, 21 December 2016

Nintendo has issued a press release that confirms what everybody already knew; Super Mario Run is a big success. The company confirmed that the game was downloaded over 40 million times in the first four days, which broke the previous App Store record set by Nintendo's other property, Pokémon GO.

Apart from being downloaded like crazy, Super Mario Run is also the top ranking app in the 'Free' category in 140 different markets around the world and, more importantly, among the top 10 in the 'Top Grossing' list in 100 markets on the App Store.

This is hardly a surprise for multiple reasons. It is the first game Nintendo made by itself for the mobile platform, which also happened to be based on Nintendo's favorite cash cow, Super Mario. Second, Nintendo's partnership with Apple also seems to have paid off well, with a lot of marketing for the game by Apple and, for the first time in App Store history, every single App Store slide tiles featuring the same title. It's also the reason why the game isn't available on Android, although that doesn't seem to be bothering Nintendo one bit. Lastly, the game appears as a free title on the store, enticing more people to download, but later pulls a bait and switch by asking you to pay for the rest of the game after three levels.

It seems this strategy is working out well for Nintendo, although we are yet to hear how much money the company has actually made from the game so far. In the end, that's what really matters.

You can read our review of the game here.



Reader comments

  • Wat

Temporarily exclusive in iOS but still it will be available in Android, they just tested it on iOS cuz people will buy the full version because they can afford stuffs and waste money.

  • Anonymous

i wonder how many uninstalls, and current users there are.. but its less than 5 million still installed. i played the game and removed it instantly.. its a cash in on the mario name. its a terrible game with boring gameplay.

  • Anonymous

Ur android user more than 1 million applications but no Mario. Hahaha :)