Nintendo expects to move 14M Switch consoles

Yordan, 30 October 2017

Nintendo expects to reach its highest earnings in seven years due to impressive Switch sales. The video games maker company doubled its full-year operating profit forecast on Monday after the console production and delivery issues were cleared out.

Nintendo expects to move 14M Switch consoles

According to Reuters, the Switch demand nearly doubled Nintendo’s stock price to a nine-year high since the March launch of the console. Sales have exceeded the initial estimate and Switch is on track to surpass the Wii U lifetime sales.

Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima said at an earnings briefing that the company had boosted Switch production since it misjudged the demand.

Christmas will arrive in less than two months, and although the Japanese company is expecting another sale boost, Microsoft is also joining the race with the Xbox One X console that is supposed to arrive on November 7.



Reader comments

  • Kangal

I see the inside tinny buttons as gimmicks. The possibility to play with friends on a tiny 4-way split screen is not great. You know, I can tow a trailer behind a little Mitsubishi Mirage car.... doesn't mean I will. I'd instead grab a Utility...

  • Anonymous

The only problem with your analysis, you define a quality experience purely through a PS4/XBox type definition, in which the Switch will definitely fail. It’s easy to call something different as GIMMICKY, but the Switch does something really we...

  • Anonymous

Online subscription will be $20~25... Also, switch could be more powerfull if it was a full fledged console, but it's a handheld no matter what Nintendo says. Handheld = mobile hardware, there is nothing wrong with that Nvidia chip consider...

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