Nokia 106 (2018)

Nokia 106 (2018)

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  • Dnoirangel

it´s a good phone, I´ve got it and it remember me my nokia 1100

  • himel

105 2017 , 10 Jul 2019Nokia 105 2017 is more better then this why?reason?

  • ojieojie

what do you expected from 30 green ?

  • Beejay

It's a bit useless and the battery specification is not upto 500hrs as designed the battery goes down easily

  • 105 2017

Nokia 105 2017 is more better then this

  • Anonymous

john, 05 Dec 2018is it possible to save 3 numbers to one contact as it was in the... moreBasic at best, but they should have included space for bluetooth and sdcard and jack the prize up a bit.

Good design and all, just good for calls and radio.

  • Danmilare

All incoming calls are showing private number

  • hane

It would be a must have non camera phone if it has Micro SD card slot and, battery capacity at least 1028Mah. otherwise it is like any other phone.

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2019What Japanese brands make feature phones in 2017/2018/2019? P... moreKyocera only makes phones for Sprint and Verizon, none of them are sold in Japan.

I wanna get this phone cause I really wanna play the Air Strike and Danger Dash games. They seem quite appealing to me!

  • MWonder

I wish that the Nokia smartphones would be able to have Internet access and be like other normal phones. I wish that they could download any app and have other accesses, like a camera, for some, and have blue tooth, for example. I do mean those small phones. Nokia is not a very popular brand, no offense, and I hope that the company can improve. And could they not only be attached to Vodaphone, please!

  • Jugnu

Nokia disappointed me really ,Nokia X1-01 is the best basic phone ,Nokia will revise it and make a huge money & name

  • Abdy

False economy as experience is very poor.. worth spending another £20 or so to get something better... loudspeaker not good no card slot.. no mp3 ....too many icons of rubbish games on home screen you don't want and cant get rid of...

Very very basic, nice design to hold but since i had it i have already stopped using it ringtone volume poor and call quality is a disgrace, so now its sitting in the drawer.

  • xya

Is it possible to save many numbers under one name in this phone's phonebook?

  • Mark

This is a very ugly phone. It is sad because there is much potential for a simple gsm after all those scandals with well known apps. I would like to buy a decent dumb phone with premium materials.

  • Anonymous

A phone with an outdated, yet so fundamentally Nokia design. I love it. I would probably never buy one for my personal day to day needs. But perfectly suited for elderly people. Basic phone, with basic features and better battery life than probably most phones nowadays. Doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a modern smartphone. It's not designed to compete with that. It's a phone that's just a phone. And a pretty good one at that. Happy to see Nokia coming back to their legendary designs.

  • muruga

contact number saved in image. yes or no

  • Kalle

I need soon to buy new mobilephone, but I dont need smartphone. Is this Nokia 106 good for people like me as only use mobile to send sms and us as telephone.

Blessed, 30 Jan 2019Please how many contact can this phone contain2000