Nokia 1101

Nokia 1101

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  • Nilo

Beautiful phone for its time, that gray silver-ish look gave it such a classy vibe, still look nice today.

  • Haikal

What🤨 a wap 1.1 in nokia 1001

  • Md shadir

AnikRudra, 26 Mar 2020It was the first mobile on my family. Very good phone. We b... moreGood mobile phone hai

It was the first mobile on my family. Very good phone. We bought it on july 2005 and my father use it untill 2011. Then network IC become damaged and we can't manage it.

  • Jitendra

Mopri, 19 Jul 2018My very first phone :) I liked itMy choice Very good

Space Impact+

  • Mopri

My very first phone :) I liked it

  • soapdodger

I still have my Nokia 1101. It looks a bit tatty but still works perfectly. It fell over 30 feet and did not break. Not a dent. It is invincible and I love it. It is always with me because even with the original battery it retains a charge for what seems forever. Smartphones come and go and always seem to break and/or go on low batt too often, but not this baby. There will be no divorce. We renew our vows! :0)

  • Abrad

Good old days my very first phone, wear it around my neck like a neck less, feeling very proud of owning a phone around my friends.

  • Pramod Kumar Gautam

very good mobile
I buy this phone

Please help me

  • Friend

Best phone remember those golden days

  • AnonD-481424

Still remember those golden days of 1108 november 2005 similar to this phone when my father purchased the mobile with a 1000 rs simcard for the first time .Probably this was our first mobile phone of our family. I was doing schooling that time still remember those days when i used to play space impact and snake 2 games hearing polyphonoc ringtones...Nostalic moments of my life.Still when i think about this phone i get a spl happiness now i have a smart phone which i buyed in my earnings still which cant give me happiness that nokia 1108 gave.Its because probably it was the first & best fone of my life and those days were happier too.Now sad part is that both my father and mobile fone are nomore.Missing my father And Our Nokia 1108 a lot....Wish those days could come again

  • Azghar md

Good phone good battery; very very good phone

  • Azghar md

Good phone good battery; very very good phone

  • Anonymous

Elephantgirl When i was a kid there was no such thing as mobile phones, no such thing as Iphones or Androids or whatever. What you have there is a top of the range Mobile in it's day. Small, compact, and does exactly what is wanted of a Mobile so suck it up, and it maybe what your parents can afford. Oh! , and i still use one today, that is a testament of this neat little phone, built to last. Have a nice day!

  • ElephantGirl

Its is 2016... I am 12.. All my friends have iPhones and Iam stuck with this piece of crap!!!

  • Nil

Biru, 27 Sep 2014Awesome handset. I need this one . iwant nokia 1101 to purchase

  • Biru

Awesome handset. I need this one .

  • raghu

I can't play temple run in this phone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Khaled

my father still have one and still working