Nokia 110 (2019)

Nokia 110 (2019)

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  • PMJ

Does this phone allows to make conference voice calls??

  • Anonymous

This phone is worst one i ever used. Nokia is one of best brands. But this model is a junk! Slowest slowest one. Key board functions are very poor. I fed up with using .

  • jubair

i just disappoint to see only 500 contact!!!! why ??? and you cant even export contacts vcard file from the memory card, so what is the memory card here??? huge no

  • Got

This phone is great if u want to detox from social media and such. BUT, if u want a more battery duration do not put a Sim Card in it, and turn off the screensaver clock.

  • Tee

The phone is a huge disappointment! Should be taken off the market. Nothing is good about it

  • Arnold

I'm deeply disappointed by this phone. It has no Bluetooth even, no Internet connectivity, cannot import contacts via vCard. I don't know why they even gave it a memory card slot if it cannot support these functions.

  • Anonymous

Poor battery performance. Lasts less than two days after an hour of talk time.

  • Saad

Arif, 24 Jul 2020battery and signal both are weakBattery of nokia 110 is pathetic , 800 mah , it last hardly a day after messaging or few hours , when used for calling in a day

  • danny

Phone top! battery 5 days! Note fot those who insert 32gb mem.card > mem.card must be formatted as fat32 or wouldn't be read!

  • Ken

Do u guys check the message details but delayed 4 hours?

  • Scooby Doo

Prashanth, 06 Sep 2019This is the phone that suits me best, to avoid smart phone ... moreSame, my dude

  • Scooby Doo

Merlin, 03 Oct 2020WARNING : The Nokia 110 sold in Europe definitely doesn... moreI bought mine from a Ukrainian seller on eBay, and it does have a music app. I'm listening to an mp3 of Creedence Clearwater Revival on it right now! lol. Playback audio quality isn't that high, though.

  • Scooby Doo

Person, 14 Apr 2020can you watch youtube on this?Nope.

  • ix

nokia many letters can type in contacts?no let me more than 6.why?

  • Merlin

WARNING : The Nokia 110 sold in Europe definitely doesn't have a music-playing app, or a MP3 codec.

  • Vismantas

Can you use headphones with integrated microphone with this phone (for hands free solution)? Thanks :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2020Nokia 110 Design is quite good,but sound quality is very p... moreAbsolutely right,this phone is not worth even for 10 euros

  • Anonymous

does call recording have a beeping sound at the start of the call like Nokia 130?

  • Anonymous

Nokia 110
Design is quite good,but sound quality is very poor in display is not readable letters are very small for week Eye sights.keys are not sure shot.battery is ok.

  • Arif

battery and signal both are weak