Nokia 110 (2019)

Nokia 110 (2019)

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  • Bryan fury
  • fu%
  • 04 Feb 2023

pieceofnokia, 09 Nov 2022I see people saying that this phone is bad but i think for ... moreI own a Nokia 130 and tbh, it's a pretty useful device when you don't want to carry a hefty smartphone to listen to your music wirelessly when you're on the go, since the 130 (2017) is a Bluetooth a2dp enabled device. For some odd reason, gsmarena omit to mention this little detail in the Nokia 130 (2017) specifications.

There's one thing I don't understand about the Nokia 110 , it has a unisoc sc6531c which has a native Bluetooth a2dp connection and this phone doesn't have any Bluetooth??

    pieceofnokia, 09 Nov 2022I see people saying that this phone is bad but i think for ... moreActually it was standby a few days before i started using it for light calls, music and games, also photos and videos, after that it still has less than 30%

      I see people saying that this phone is bad but i think for the price, it is worth it. Battery last a day w light calls, music playing on speaker and some doodle jump, although recording videos continously will drain the battery fast but few seconds will be fine. Nav. keys are a bit stumple, but I find it fast to get used to. Yes voice recorder, yes file manager, yes music player, yes camera w photos/video (the quality for me is acceptable, looks small on computer), yes sd card with for me 8gb usuable. No bluetooth, no 3g,4g, no internet browser, no photo/video editor, quite lag when using custom wallpaper, 4 games available in south asian (air strike, ninja up, doodle jump and football cup). Can't use apps. Lastly, dual sim for the busy person, acceptable torch light, aaaaaaaaand series 30 software
      Overall this phone is the phone for a person who wants a backup device that has a camera and a music player (can stand the music quality and practicity), although no bluetooth and internet browser. Well a person who doesn't know or own nokia products from 2016 and present will be disappointed
      Also I am a Nokia 105 (2013), 130 (2017) user and recently been given a 150 (2016) and a 1202-2 (2009)

        Anonymous, 25 Jul 2022Vibration option available or notcomes with the phone, no option needed

          Nishant , 08 Oct 2022This phone have king voice or notI don't know what's king voice is but:
          + You can't use apps (yes, none, no apps)
          + You can record voice memos and record calls (note that the phone only record voice calls via the mic, so if the ear piece isn't too loud then you might can't hear what's the other person talking)

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            • Nishant
            • Dkt
            • 08 Oct 2022

            This phone have king voice or not

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              • Anonymous
              • bJb
              • 16 Sep 2022

              Anonymous, 25 Jul 2022Vibration option available or notit has vibration

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                • Anonymous
                • bJb
                • 16 Sep 2022

                AnonD-1048858, 13 Jul 2022Does this phone run 3g as I have seen some advertised with ... moreonly 2g

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                  • Anonymous
                  • veE
                  • 25 Jul 2022

                  Vibration option available or not

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                    • AnonD-1048858
                    • sXQ
                    • 13 Jul 2022

                    Does this phone run 3g as I have seen some advertised with 3g and yes I mean this 2019 model thanks

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                      • Rahul
                      • Dkr
                      • 04 Jun 2022

                      acoacika, 26 May 2022This phone reminds me much of Nokia 3210, from 1999. Miss t... moreNokia ta 3173 phone
                      What is ic name and ic number

                        This phone reminds me much of Nokia 3210, from 1999. Miss that phone a lot, had such a great design and was one of the best phones to use for years to come! And this phone looks to me very similar as 3210, similarly to Nokia 106, but 106 isn't/wasn't available in my country

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                          • Nwachukwu Chris
                          • XBA
                          • 02 May 2022

                          The phone is just beautiful for nothing. Because it does not have GPS. You people (Nokia) need to go and collaborate with the so called ordinary Tecno and learn how to produce complete and normal phone.

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                            • Kesh
                            • Nue
                            • 02 Feb 2022

                            The phone doesn't make sense without Bluetooth nd internet service

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                              • Anonymous
                              • fkx
                              • 08 Dec 2021

                              It is a bad phone bad speaker bad speed over all is4:5/10

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                                • PMJ
                                • tes
                                • 07 Aug 2021

                                Does this phone allows to make conference voice calls??

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • U{H
                                  • 29 Jul 2021

                                  This phone is worst one i ever used. Nokia is one of best brands. But this model is a junk! Slowest slowest one. Key board functions are very poor. I fed up with using .

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                                    • jubair
                                    • XWp
                                    • 20 Jul 2021

                                    i just disappoint to see only 500 contact!!!! why ??? and you cant even export contacts vcard file from the memory card, so what is the memory card here??? huge no

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                                      • Got
                                      • Lx6
                                      • 18 Jun 2021

                                      This phone is great if u want to detox from social media and such. BUT, if u want a more battery duration do not put a Sim Card in it, and turn off the screensaver clock.

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                                        • Tee
                                        • XBA
                                        • 12 Jun 2021

                                        The phone is a huge disappointment! Should be taken off the market. Nothing is good about it