Nokia 111

Nokia 111

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  • naurse

can be use in canada?

  • Anonymous

is it capable of basic java 3d games?

  • Anonymous

when in india

  • AnonD-84184

a great entry level mobile with all the bells-and-whistles at a very affordable prive here in south africa


its a great little entry-level phone with all the beels-and-whistles at a very affordable price

  • Smart Girl

I think i can go for this , but let you know... but really good keep it up....
But the cost should be less the 1000....
then i can take 3, 2 for my friends, one is for Bodi and one is for Dummi.
Smart Girl

  • Vtonic

Just bought this two days ago. The advantage of having a voice memo is definitely a plus, anyone?

  • xhieu94

ss, 03 Nov 2012does this phone has a calculater? Yes

  • ss

does this phone has a calculater?

  • ransrock

112 top rated

  • nil

Ammar0007, 30 Sep 2012which one is better? 110,111,112 or 113.112 is better

  • rearview

better to buy a 2nd hand nokia phone. brand new of these phones are more than 2000php whereas if u could find a slightly used like a 2700 ranging at 2000php too

  • Ammar0007

which one is better? 110,111,112 or 113.

  • ofisa

gino, 05 Sep 2012where can i get this nokia 111, i am at korogwe/tanga-tanzania?for tanzania you may buy in posta on nssf parking there are indian who take it from dubai even iphone 5 if u have a money u may get from there.

  • Anonymous

nice one

  • poorie

im in south Africa where do I buy this phone

  • gino

where can i get this nokia 111, i am at korogwe/tanga-tanzania?

  • Anonymous

plez lounch the model as early as possible,becz there is no single sim phone with cammera

  • masir

When it will come

  • BD

I love nokia