Nokia 112

Nokia 112

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  • AnonD-55723

why this phone does not have a USB?

  • Anonymous

Why this phone does not have a USB?

  • Owais

I want to ask that is both sims stand by at time or not ? please guide me . Because I wnat to buy this set.

  • Alex

Nokia!! can you please make a single sim version of this phone I would really appreciate it. I want this phone soo bad :D

  • Seng Tai K.

I hope this mobile supports Opera Mini as well by helping from Nokia browser. My Nokia X2 is also good : it has Operea mini, Binu Browser . . but unfortunately it is single sim handphone. I might go for this dual sim mobile (Nokia 112) when it is released. what i like the best is its battery (1400mAh). Thz Nokia . Pls release it soon.

  • hammad

is that auto call recoding?

  • Anonymous

when it will be released?

  • andrew

ata, 18 May 2012Nokia cheap phone is very bad phone. because when you talk . the... moreYes, when you talk, others will hear, It how Nokia is Connecting People. :P

  • roy onkar

how many sms can we store in nokia 112?????

can we play youtube videos also ???????

plz answer

  • Anonymous

Cool phone!!!

  • Rak & Run

kennyelfuego, 19 May 2012@ATA, hw come about your comment meanwhile Nokia112 is not yet r... moreIts not difficult about comments because we have checked the phone's specification from GSM Arena and we are Nokia users too. So we know lots of thing about Nokia mobile phone before buying or posting commments. One more point : it will be great if Nokia add Torch for this new models : N.110-111-112 & 113. From Nokia lovers.

  • kennyelfuego

@ATA, hw come about your comment meanwhile Nokia112 is not yet released.

  • salman

if guy in hea talkin about Android or IOS please do mind u r not the target market

  • ata

Nokia cheap phone is very bad phone. because when you talk . the speaker is on and other person hear your dialog.

  • kso-pv

Now it is technology time, almos every person in the world has mobile phone. I see in my country some people have 02 or 03 mobile phones and some of cheap price mobile phone has 3 sims (tripple sims).

Some people are working with the development activities or communication agents that always contact to many people so they need phones that mostly usefull for their daily works with long bettery life.

2 in 1 phone ( 2 sims) or 3 in 1 phone ( 3 sims), flashlight, high capacity of phone books (phone contacts up to almost 2,000 or unlimited), long bettery life,can conect internet to computer via Ovi suit are very important and monst suitable price (affordable price)- so phone like nokia 112 is almost meet the needs of people but should has some areas to improve as these description.

  • Nokia fan

When are going to realease the 3310 again?!

  • Lebanese

I used to buy Nokia phones since 2000,i guess they are going to follow RIM of blackberry or what i say R.I.P. I'll change into samsung s3 with its magnificent features.

  • AnonD-55165

Anonymous, 17 May 2012a totally useless phone. *3rd class sound quality in music playe... moreso what you want in that cheap price? quadcore processor

  • Anonymous

If it has a flashlight and SAR value < 0.5 I'll take it for sure!!!

  • farbror Frej

"Nokia has gone mad. 15.4mm thickness! Are kidding us?"

Look - a very small number of phonereleases have for example "waterproof" as their main selling-point. Would it be so terrible if a similar small number of releases had "exeptional batterylife" as their selling-point? As a secondary "workphone" this is great.