Nokia 1200

Nokia 1200

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  • Thas

still iam using this phone

  • Arya7907

That used to be my dad's phone back in like 11 years. Now he is using a Nokia Lumia 1320.

rajiv, 08 Nov 2012buy this in 2007 using it still now, buy jan-2009 sony err k550i... moreOh come on, I've seen Sony Ericsson K550's that are still working to this day. You must have been very rough with your phone for it to stop working that early... ;)

  • Alok


  • Wed

I have one. It works perfectly. Got a new battery for it once.Some key symbols are getting worn though.

  • Anonymous

algerie, 13 Oct 2017It is superbe i love it thé n'est phone i have possessed I Want more of 1200 nokia phones am in uganda.

  • domie

rajavalli, 31 Oct 2017i want nokia 1200 Security code in sim card

  • rajavalli

i want nokia 1200

  • algerie

It is superbe i love it thé n'est phone i have possessed

  • El Gordo

dropped more than 50 times, even ended up once in my fish tank while ON. Still working fine after 10 years.

  • Abel

Million times I dropped it. No single time got it broken. I could even nail sth in a wall using it as a hammer and despite it'd still go functional. I love it. :)

  • hosein

I have one.
that's great
even better than my XZ

  • Monu

Nokia 1200 is like a smartphone

  • Joshua

Amazing phone ever! This is my first phone and I use it for more than 5 years. I like this phone than Iphone 7. :)

  • Anonymous

unlock 1200

  • ford

I buy it seven years later, and I'm still using Nokia 1200 excellent handset long lasting

  • Arnab

It is my first handset and it halps me so much.


its my first handset very smart

  • Pandit

i need to nokia 1200 pls help me.

  • Nikunj

My First Mobilr phone
i buy my self on 11-11-2007.