Nokia 150 (2020)

Nokia 150 (2020)

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  • Sweden Stockholm


How can activate so the both sim cards can receive calls at the same time??

I want to talk with family with sim1 but if the work is calling on sim2 i want take the work call.

Somebody HELP plz???

  • Masterchiff

Can you play Fortnite on Nokia 150?

  • Juwel

It support maximum 800 contact. Battery backup is comparatively very poor.

  • Anonymous

Im not getting battery life more than 2 days. Very disappointed

  • sam

ERIC, 14 Sep 2020does it have a wi fione does not need wifi for this device. No apps loadable, nor system capable of running any app which require internet.

  • ERIC

does it have a wi fi

  • Jam naveed

Its bad handset for poor battrey life .its battrey is week timing .please anouced nokia c2 03 we like it

  • Anonymous

I have seen some SIM problem. Always it show's emergency and phone servicing notification shows SIM slot emergency SIM is not working normally. and customer care staffs are not cooperative and even from also not responsible staff..
They didn't fulfill my device technical issues....

  • Anonymous

dread, 10 Sep 2020this is the single greatest mobile device ever created by m... moreTrying to be sarcastic or what very funny. Yes! It is a good phone. Seeing bigger buttons after many years! This is feature phone & targeted at feature phone users only.

  • dread

this is the single greatest mobile device ever created by man and has every feature anyone would even need in a mobile phone. the fact that a device with a 0.3 megapixel camera and at a 30 euro price tag while also being a phone and mp3 player in 2020 makes me genuinely happy.

  • Anonymous

At least it has a VGA camera lmao

tekker, 30 Aug 2020annoying that this still charges with microsusb Wat do u expct for dis much less price.

  • tekker

annoying that this still charges with microsusb

  • obaid

Singh, 28 Aug 2020Does the phone has call recording facility??nokia 150 have no any call recording option

  • Bluetooth speaker

Does Nokia 150 (2020) connect to bluetooth speaker? It does not have A2DP...?

  • Singh

Does the phone has call recording facility??

  • Anonymous

HardcoreXstacy, 26 Aug 2020I have a 150 and a 210, I prefer the 210 it's so comfo... moreDo these two mobiles has chat view or normal inbox/outbox view for messages.. as asked by someone below.

I have a 150 and a 210, I prefer the 210 it's so comfortable to hold not like the 150, 210 can do everything 150 can so 210 is my preference.

Does this mobile have message chat view or inbox outbox separately?

  • Anonymous

Does 150 has countdown timer?