Nokia 1680 classic

Nokia 1680 classic

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  • Christine Roselle

What is the security code of this phone because I can't seem to unlock mine.

  • Deva Nand Reddy

how can we extract the photoes from this mobile to a computer.

  • Amila

Can i use the Nokia HDB4/HDB5 Headsets with this phone? Help please...thanx

  • tonti

this phone is toooooo slow.. zzzzzz

  • rosemarie carael

how can i get ovimail in my phone by free because i delete it before when its sending to me can i have it back

  • dems

what is the driver of 1680c to connect the PC?

  • nanjee jethwa

vy god fon i m using 2 yr

  • Anonymous

This mobile not requair

  • Anonymous

using thy 1680 was very great you can sent mms :browse internet so fast i recommend this to all


  • laban

can i download radio fm to my lovely nokia 1680c-2. pls answer me if you care about your customers.

  • Anonymous

using 1680 since 2 years. very useful and good set.

  • Nilay Shah

I have been using this phone for almost 2 years now. But it has been a disappointment to me. It has very less useful features in it. There is no FM radio or Bluetooth. The camera is the only additional feature other than the features which the basic NOKIA phone provides. It has very less utility for anybody. The positive aspect about it is only it's good looks, camera and durability. But it is surely not worth it's price, because far better phones can be bought within the same price range.

  • ramz

can i use a USV connector to connect it on the pc???

  • leahcim

how can i open my mms,and the internet supported by SUN CELLULAR phillippines........

  • Shaon

does this device support ebuddy messenger?please tell me i badly need this information

  • dinu

why data transfer this phone to pc?

  • mn

guys can i transfer songs/pics from this from the pc

  • yen

how can I transfer my pictures from this phone to my computer?

  • anon

how can i have songs sent to this phone?

  • Anonymous

this phone is one of the ugliest phones ive ever seen.. its buttons are tiny and the screen sucks.. no bluetooth either sucks..

BUT.. it is without doubt the toughest phone ive ever had. Ive drops it probably over 100 times, once from 3 storys, ive put it in the washing machine, among other things..

It will not die.. if you have minimal phone use, just need it for the basics, and work in a trade where a decent phone might get broken, then I would, believe it or not, reccomend this phone.. its tough as nails!!