Nokia 1680 classic

Nokia 1680 classic

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  • HOW?

i have a question : how do i output my recorded sounds and pictures ? It should be a nice phone if this problem can be solved.

by the way, how big is the memory.

  • rida

a good looking phone but it should have infrared port


this is realy good loking phone

  • Anonymous

not much of a cameraphone if there's no way to get your photos off of it except MMS. surely a infrared port is not too expensive to put in at the very least?

  • Dineo M

As Nokia being one of the biggest mobile companies,it is great to create such 4ne that are on the same standard as expensive ones even though they'll be much cheaper bcoz of not having most features,the 4nes might not have featurers,but for those who only buy 4nes to text or making calls,will also be on the same level as to those using expensive phones.i think wht they are doing is gr888!!to accomodate everyone!!


i think its not a nice phone its a new phone but has no infared or bluetooth and no usb i wouldnt buy this phone

  • Uzzal-BD

As a world's famous mobile company NOKIA has to create some new looking mobile set in the market. We know, there are lot of mobile sets with mmc card slot in the market with cheap rate. But NOKIA has 3110c with mmc card slot starting model with high range of price.

  • siraj

1680 is nice modol but no redio & fleshlight so i m sad....

  • Mohd Sufiyan

N-1680 is best model nokia but no FM Radio

  • Anonymous

Designed for kids... Ho ho ho...

  • Anonymous

your comments prove once again that human stupdity is beyond limits. this mobile is made like "first mobile" for 7 years old kid. it doesn't need card or camera because it,s cost production must be very low. if you want this features,simply choose a little bit more expansive model.

  • Mitho Awan 159

It looks better then 1650 but no bluetooth,no memory card option is againest it.

  • Anonymous

softtouch ha!ha!ha!
i have 1650 for a month
now the keypad is starting to fade
i think it is just a black paint in the rubber

  • sixx

no bluetooth, no usb and it looks like a toy!

  • Anonymous

NOKIA 1650 :- It Is very lucrative mobile phone with good quality of VGA-Camera it also has ‘Xpress Audio Recording’ and the features such as ‘easy to carry’, ‘sharing of audio,video and image is also available’, ‘good keypad with soft touch feeling’ and these all features are not seen till yet in any competition in this category in my point of view’

  • Anonymous

Nokia have more knowledge about tech. so nobody can say that keypad is not good.
if you want bt, camera, gprs and much more so there are more option in low range please choose in them.

  • Eddy

To the one that said this Nokia 1680 is having a very bad keypad is not true. If your assessment of the phone is okay say the phone is good. Click on the phone itself and re-examine the KEYPAD again and give a score.
To me i scored the keypad 10/10 and the entire phone for now is 9/10. The remaining 1 mark will be awarded against the price and functionality.
Regards all.

  • Anonymous

Ugly phone no cardslot and it has NO features at all NO MP3, NO bluetooth and even this is for poor people they should atleast created this phone with bluetooth...this phone is the worsest of all the new NOKIA phones...

  • Anonymous

nokia is making a very good basic
rubber phone
in the future all of nokia phones
are made of rubber

  • Anonymous

i think the keypad is the same to 1650
i dont buy this phone
coz it has very bad keypad