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Nokia 1.3

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  • Anonymous

This phone is so slow

  • Quericus

Judging by the comments I've read here so far this Nokia 1.3 isn't a worthy successor to older Nokia 1 phones, which in the past was much better. Try to find a good used older Nokia 1 or a new 2.3 instead. Even lower end Samsung and Motorola phones are better than this one.

  • Anonymous

Worst phone ive ever had. I use cheap phones due to my work where they can get dirty etc . But from day one this phone was CRAP DE LUX . So slow ?? .Ive had LG and others all fine .My friends have seen it work and all agree its really bad.Buy it and u will regret it

  • Charlea

Got this as an emergency phone. It is the crappiest piece of crap to exist. Don't waste your money.

  • Miss k

This phone is crap , I'm taking it back today !! Been using this phone for a week and its extremely slow , what's app becomes unresponsive , i missed calls because it was unresponsive , it cannot read my sd card. I'm done with this phone, memory is bad , bad phone !!!!

  • Leomark

bouncy444, 25 Jun 2021I purchased this phone, "if you can call it that"... moreWhat you said is absolutely truth and it's hang alot, I think that what makes it to be slow in responding to it's activities.
The worsts that upset me is that it doesn't support WhatsApp voice call.
Please Nokia community's should try and take a look at that.

bouncy444, 25 Jun 2021I purchased this phone, "if you can call it that"... moreI think it's better if you bought a slightly expensive Nokia phone than a low end phone in the first place

I purchased this phone, "if you can call it that". It is complete crap. For example... the phone starts to ring when you receive a call. But the phone is so slow that by the time it lights up and the screen turns on, the caller has hung up. I have missed a lot of calls because of this. . Example 2. Lets say you are using the camera to take a pic. Then the phone starts to ring... Forget about taking the phone call. The phone will lag so badly that by the time it becomes responsive again. The caller has hung up. I purchased this phone because one of my first phones was a Nokia. It was the biggest mistake I've made in a long long time. Apps become unresponsive frequently. They should have changed the name to Lag Machine 1.3

where is my comment ?

ChristheGolf, 10 Jun 2021Well...I really do hope you are reading this 'opinion&... moreIt's not made for power users in the first place, lol

  • Dot

Absolutely appalled they get away with selling this phone. It's not fit for purpose. If you needed emergency services, forget it, there could be a fatality before the keypad opened and I am not exaggerating. I got it for my technophobe husband to try and bring him into the 21st century. He kept complaining and I thought it was him at first rather than the phone. I called the helpline, spoke online chat . Try this and that, all the usual basic fixes. Nothing makes a difference. I could have got an unbranded Asian phone for £30 that probably works better but thought Nokia is a well known brand. Believe me Nokia folk when I say this phone does your reputation no good at all. £80 down the drain. Annoyed I was too late discovering this to return it.

Well...I really do hope you are reading this 'opinion' BEFORE buying this phone. I'm astonished it's on the market. Gobsmacked. It's unusable!!! I will be taking it back tomorrow though I don't have the box. Slow doesn't cut it. It's unresponsive in any mode including when you receive a call. You hear it ring but the screen stays you can't take the call. The back arrow hardly ever goes back first go ...nightmare. I am truly amazed it's being sold.

  • Hayden

This phone is very slow and will not recognise the Victorian Government Services QR app. I changed to this phone from an old Nokia flip top which served my needs adequately. The 1.3 is not good and is being dumped next week for an Apple.

I bought this as a first phone for my kid and what a disappointment. The phone is way to slow and it can't even run simplest games. The battery is ok but I would even recommend this as a simple phone because of slow response to make a simple phone call.

  • Anonymous

Dtr, 28 Jan 2021Answer please, is nokia 1.3 good enough for ebooks reading? No

Bruh I thought it was a "decent" phone and it is actually a joke. Luckily I'm upgrading to Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Android Go is super limited. Also get a Nokia 2.3 for the same price and it will be better and the 2.3 has proper android.

  • PTB

Had it for a week, and it works. I had to learn how to make and receive phone calls (disable the power-off button stops calls setting, or it will hang up when you pick it up less than daintily! What a default!). I was happily installing apps like hangout and zoom but it slowed way down so I went through with a system diagnosis and it turns out things like that are in ram ("stopped") even when not running, so I ditched all those and things are much speedier now. I'm still trimming the process table. I've been running it as a wifi hotspot for my laptop and that works fine too. The only thing is that I haven't been able to get the USB tether option going. It's greyed out in system settings. System diagnostics tell me that the USB device is not supported in the phone's onboard Linux kernel! No driver for Nokia/Drax USB? What? No kidding! The web has murmurings about using a data-C USB cable, not a power-only one, but I'm using a cable I connected to my old Nokia smartphone with. There are more murmurings about using the right drivers on the PC side, but I have linux and the mtp-tols and libmtp should handle anything over USB using the MTP protocol, and nix. Nothing seen. No reaction to probes with mtp-detect, etc. Lack of driver phone-side would be an explanation - where to get one and how to check definitively? There are firmware flashes out there, but I want Nokia to tell me, not the web. As to the rest of the phone ... well, it's all operating system plus screen, camera and wifi/teleco peripherals! A tiny computer of your own. No trouble there. I've owned less capable computers. I'm typing on one! But the phone part is mostly mystery still ... as folks say, one has to wait for the green "accept" menu to come up when receiving a phone call and not touch it otherwise. That can take 30s if you were doing something else at the time, in which case immediately DESIST. No touchee anything until you hit that ACCEPT. Then wait again, and do NOTHING meanwhile. No second taps. Shrug. I don't exactly make or receive a lot of phonecalls! For email it's fine.

  • moneyos

This phone is unusable. None of it works. I've owned it for two days and now I have to throw it away because I screwed up and threw the box away. Clearly, Nokia doesn't care about their customers or they would've never released this piece of garbage onto the market. I'll never buy another Nokia product.

  • Anonymous

SamDee, 05 Feb 2021To say the phone is laggy is an understatement. I've b... moreYou are very correct. All you have said is what my daughter is experiencing. I bought the phone for her as her 10th year birthday. But she's not enjoying it. It is a rip off.

  • Stduke

SamDee, 05 Feb 2021To say the phone is laggy is an understatement. I've b... moreMy bro. All you said is true but the most annoying thing is that one can not receive calls. Nokia should update this phone to resolve this problem.