Nokia 2110

Nokia 2110

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  • dani

nokia suck !, 26 Sep 2018hahahaha nokia always a looooooser not such a loser like a person with nokia loser username

Are there any older phones on GSMArena?

  • Axl

I have one(the 2110i from April 7, 1995) in my collection. Some of the pixels are dead and battery can barely hold a couple of seconds, but still happy that it otherwise works well. I also have a working Ericsson NH99 from 1992 or 1993. Our neighbours(Finland and Sweden) definitely used to make great phones. Even some of the Ericsson GA628-s were made in our country(in Estonia).

  • nokia suck !

hahahaha nokia always a looooooser

  • Anonymous

TheNineSizer, 06 Jan 2018That was the best they had for the time. Don't insult old phones.Yes " that's Right ! Because NOKIA Is An TraDiTional Brand !

  • daljit singh

nokia 2110

  • daljit singh

nokia 2110

  • TheNineSizer

AnonD-725878, 25 Dec 2017I hate 1990'sThat was the best they had for the time. Don't insult old phones.

  • AnonD-725878

I hate 1990's

  • Lecas

Nokia 1011 is missing.

  • Anonymous

Slim, 17 Feb 2002Totally fucked up phone!!What are you basing your argument on?

  • AnonD-645069

Great phone.

Have one of these still in mint condition in the box with all original accessories with the $1100 price sticker still on it.

The 2nd most reliable and tough and long lasting phone I've ever owned (Only surpassed by a Nokia 3330).
If the GSM was still available it would work and I would use it. (I still have the full credit card size template from the old sim card from those days....)

  • evamuss

omidp990, 28 Oct 2016i have one of them thats

  • omidp990

i have one of them
thats very....

  • Frank79Nica

It was my first phone..!!! I really loved it // I an still willing to buy it again if it could work in my country // It remembers me my lifetime loved Girl S.M.

  • JOHN

Even if you drop this on water or hard surface it still works, when it comes to quality this is the best

  • Anonymous

Spadaro, 09 Aug 2015Touch screen????????????????????????????????????????????????????... moreare you serious :'D

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2015remember stealing this phone from my dad while he was charging i... morelol I cant stop laughing at you :P

  • Rock

one of the best mobile which can Blast a Rock

  • AnonD-297182

As far as I measured, it's 163x56x25mm without external antenna.