Nokia 220 4G

Nokia 220 4G

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  • Anonymous

Alaa Ibrahim, 06 Feb 2021Calling sound quality is too bad, Nokia must send offline s... moreGood

  • Ansarkhan

Why not showing Calling timer during call, and ringtone is too bad,and talking hearing speaker is very low I can't listen when I'm driving 😐 I'm not interested

  • Alaa Ibrahim

Calling sound quality is too bad, Nokia must send offline software update to solve this problem.

Anyway to find the go to shortcuts on this device?

  • jakenz

what a waste of money its like a china phone made of fake nokia...

  • drsei

how to turn off mobile data i cant turn off even if i do the dara are still on

  • Default Hobo

i get that this phone is a budget phone but its just that it doesnt have support for java applications, apparently it has an app store that doesnt seem to exist, for the same price you can get a nokia 216, yeah it has 2g/3g but it literally has the same features AND supports java apps, it even has an existing appstore

  • Ffh

No wifi, no hotspot, then Rs 3500 for what?

  • Techy chowtin

Freehunt, 29 Jul 2019Hope it launch in india with jio benefit. Without Kia OS.It... moreHi there

I understand what you are saying. But dont underestimate the power of kaios. For inr 699 what do u get 1 mb ram 10 mb rom a button phone. Jio is only one thats gives 512 mb 4 gb with wifi and 2 mpx against vga by other brands. Be greatful not hateful. People world across are asking if they to can get this 10$ phone in there country or if they can import it. As this is worlds cheapest 4g to connect to any tv for 10$ additional cable. 75 rupees will get you connected for 28 days . Think nokia does not have wifi just 4g calling no WhatsApp or YouTube. Think twice . 3150 inr v/s 700 inr

  • Techy chowtin

Bob Dog, 08 Sep 2019A pointless phone. Only enough RAM for telephone numbers, ... moreHi there

Buy apple iphone 12 even a poor guy can afford a descent phone in india but these are for those who dont want to waste money which they earn drom hard work . But want 4g calling at $30 price or less. In india a 4g phone comes for $10 with 2mpx back front vga, video calls whats app, YouTube Twitter, live tv with 500 channels , more than 6 lakhs movies and shows, 4gb storage 512 mb ram and 2000 mah battery. All service enabled on pay as you go for $2.14 a month. With tv cable for another $10 to watch live tv on tv and use phone as remote. Think twice before we speak as we might stand there one day where these poor people stand.

  • Bobs

Daniel, 26 Jun 2020Can i have help from anyone, i have my nokia 220 4G, everyt... moreOn the right corner (down) just select the * button

  • Anonymous

Zawar, 02 Oct 2020Ring tone sounds are slow.cannot listen during driving.some... moreMy does the same

  • Zawar

Ring tone sounds are slow.cannot listen during driving.some time one sim missing signals.

  • Anonymous

sonny, 02 Jul 2020_EN means English dictionary is ON. press # two times and p... moreHow Can I Make Off Permanent

  • Bogdan

Very good at gsm signal, much better than a smartphone on 4G .

  • Anonymous

Hisham-Dubai, 16 Sep 2020May I know what country and what operator, please? It doesn... moreInternet

  • Hisham-Dubai

Liviustr, 24 Jun 2020Clear voice quality, 4g and volte work fine. May I know what country and what operator, please? It doesn't seem to support VoLTE on the network Etisalat in the U.A.E and I got a dozen of those for business, which may not be used now as there is no 2G coverage at my place.

  • Bhavesh

allief, 04 Sep 2020can i install java me in nokia 220 4g??????1990 to 2000 jurny nokai arow the world firs futur in 4g with besic most power ful benging coming 2021

  • allief

can i install java me in nokia 220 4g??????

  • Anonymous

drblnreddy, 20 Aug 2020Does it have Hotspot, so that we can use it as a hotspot fo... moredon't think it has... it doesn't have wlan